Jeans styles for all body shapes

Hi babes, so the perfect style of jeans for me, are often very hard to find if not impossible! I have always had very large calves, no matter how much weight I put on or lose. I also have thighs that are on the larger side too, but I have a small waist. So I find that a lot of jeans are way to tight on my legs and too big on my waist. I’ve been on a huge hunt recently for the most perfect jeans and I’ve found 4 types that I just have to share with you;

Topshop – Jamie Jeans – best skinny jean


The Topshop Jamie jean, in my eyes, are the perfect skinny jeans, they have just the right amount of stretch without being too jegging (ain’t nobody got time for that). The quality is also amazing, and at £40 I don’t think the price is bad at all. I used to be really into the Topshop Joni jeans, but actually I like belt hooks, and they don’t have them, trivial I know but where would the Gucci belt go? 🙂

Weekday – high waist skinny jeans – the best pale blue skinny


I have only just discovered Weekday jeans and man are they good, like the Topshop Jamie jeans they have just the right amount of stretch, and I would actually say they are comfier than the Jamie jeans. I often find it really hard to find a good pair of pale skinny jeans as sometimes they can look cheap or unflattering on. These jeans retail at £50, which again I do not think is bad at all for a pair of jeans you will probably have for years.

ASOS – Ridley Jeans – best budget jeans


Now the first thing I have to say about these jeans are they £25! 25 whole pounds!! Although the quality is not as good as the Weekday or the Topshop jeans, but for the price, I honestly do rate these jeans. I find that black jeans fade in the wash overtime so easily, so I’d rather buy a cheap pair, as I normally have to replace theme every 6 months or so. I’d say that the sizing for these jeans is not too generous, so if you are in-between sizes, my recommendation would be to choose the bigger size.

Levi’s 501 Jeans – Best ripped jeans


Like jeans in general, me and ripped jeans have a very VERY bad relationship. It is very easy to get this type of jean wrong, think cheap material and rips in weird places! However there is not much that Levi’s do wrong when it comes to jeans, I mean they are the experts!! Also I don’t think you can beat the 501, such a classic style that is somewhere in between the skinny and the mom jean, which is just perfect! At the most expensive of my choices these beauts come at £85, but again for a pair of jeans you’ll wear for years I don’t think thats bad at all (especially when you get 20% off in the black Friday sales…whoop!!).



How not to make mistakes when clothes shopping

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I am so obsessed with anything from Shein at the minute & this checked coat is no different, its such amazing quality and only £25!! Not many high street stores offer such high quality at such a low price, so I have been mega excited to show you guys this coat. There are also lots of different versions of this coat on Shein, which is great if you want to see different options of a specific style of coat, in one place. Also I am so into this 70’s trend we are seeing everywhere at the minute, and this pussy bow blouse from H&M is honestly so perfect, I love how it is so flattering due to the nipped in waist. Then to my staple lace-up black skinny jeans from Topshop &  finished off with the cutest pink mules, also from Topshop.

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Don’t get me wrong I still love going shopping, and not actually planning what I am going to buy, therefore coming away with something unexpected, and as a fashion blogger I think that is important. However to make sure that you do not make a shopping faux-par, and to ensure you actually wear and love every piece you buy, planning is an absolute must. If you guys read my blog regularly then you will know that I absolutely love a list, so what we are going to do is write a list! The first thing I do is go through my wardrobe and look at the pieces I love that may look shabby, maybe broken, or just really need replacing. Then I ask myself these questions, are they staple items in my closet? And will my wardrobe benefit from replenishing them? If so then they go on the list.

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Then I look for any gaps in my wardrobe, do I have lots of bottoms but hardly any tops, or do I have no dresses and would love a few that I could just throw on when I feel I am lacking in creativity. Then I look at my lifestyle, do I need more items that work for the weekend & for my office job in the week, such as more blouses or tailored trousers, if so then they are added to the list. What I also like to do to make sure I really love the item, is find the item online, screen shot it and then add it to a folder, I then revisit these items in two weeks, if I still want them then, then I will buy them. I hope this helps when you go for your next shopping spree babes, because a bit of planning never hurt anyone.



Checked coat – Shein

Pussy bow blue blouse – H&M

Lace-up black skinny jeans –  Newer & better version – Topshop

Pink backless mules – sold out – Similar version Topshop

Fashion shoots – my secret

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First of all my loves lets take the time to admire this cable knit jumper of dreams, this jumper from Romwe (one of my fav fast fashion retailers). This jumper is so affordable at only £18 and its honestly so warm. I haven’t taken it off since I got it and I and I am so happy with it. Next to the cutest eye let jeans from Pimkie via ASOS, not only are the the cutest jeans ever they were also on £14 in the sale! Bargain! Finally the boots I can’t take off my feet, these Topshop black ankle boots, I love how they come that little higher up your leg than the standard ankle boot.

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So with a full time job and also as we move into winter and the light gets lower earlier, how do I have time to take all of my pictures? I post on Instagram 13 times a week, and most no more than 3 pictures of each outfit. Surely I don’t wear that many outfits during the weekend? I do not of course wear that many outfits in one weekend, that would be impossible!! So whats my secret? This is purely down to having a couple of hours at the weekend, a car and a very understanding fiancee!

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So the night before fashion shoot day I choose around 6/7 outfits, that I know I want to shoot for the coming weeks. Then the morning of the shoot I wear one of the outfits and add the rest into the boot of the car. We then drive to somewhere that we know has multiple outfit shot opportunities, also where it is slightly quieter. 1, because it can be embarrassing taking photos with lots of people watching, 2, because the car will become my changing room & ain’t nobody get time for being caught with just your bra on, haha! Then it’s as simple as changing your outfits and getting multiple shots of each outfit! Simple! Although this is such an easy thing to do, it really has revolutionised how I blog, as I used to worry about getting in as many outfits in one weekend as I could, which is just too unrealistic, now its all done in one morning! I hope this helps you babes, and good luck with your fashion shoots.



Cable knit jumper – Romwe

Eye-let jeans – Pimkie Via ASOS

Black sock boots – Sold out – Blue Version Topshop

Black bag – APC

A day in the life of a fashion blogger

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First of all babes lets talk about this cable knit dream of a cardigan, I don’t know what it is but cardigan’s are probably one of the items I am most picky about. I have no idea why that is the case but it is very rare that I actually see a cardigan I like. This grey cable knit version from Romwe jumped out at me immediately as it is such a chunky knit. I also love the length, as its not too short or too long. Plus it is so crazy affordable at only £22!! I know you guys have seen these jeans before, but they are honestly the most perfect pair that I own, and they go with everything!

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I originally thought about talking you guys through a weekday in the life of a fashion blogger who works full time, but not much blogging or fashion related activity goes on in the week, so I thought I would concentrate on a standard Saturday. My partner and I wake up quite early, as we get up at 5.50am in the week for the gym, it is often very difficult for us to sleep in past 8.00am, as we are used to getting up so early. Then we have a quick breakfast, pop on our gym clothes and head to the gym. we then work out for an hour and head to the shower, when I get changed and of course do my make-up for the day.

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After this its fashion shoot time (I will explain more about how this works in Tuesday’s post) which normally takes about 2 hours. My partner and I then head into Nottingham city centre for a bit of lunch and some shopping. Then its back home to relax, I often take this time to add unwanted items of clothes to Depop (usually because I’ve spent far more than I should have done while shopping!!) and also wrap up any items that I may have already sold (for more information on Depop read my post on how I afford to buy so many clothes – link here). Then there is two options stay in with a takeaway and have a film night (one of my favourite things to do) or go out for dinner and a couple of drinks, which of course means I can get dressed up which I love. Of course throughout the day I take lots of Instagram stories so my followers know what I am up to. Thats about it babes, I hope you’ve enjoyed a day in the life of a fashion blogger, or in other words me!



Grey cable knit cardigan – Romwe

High-waisted wide leg jeans – Topshop

White slogan tee – Sold out – Similar Elle Est Femme

Black sock boots – Sold out – Similar Topshop


My four key trends for autumn/winter

Hi my loves, I wanted to do a post for a while now on the key trends (in my eyes) for autumn/winter. I am not ashamed to say that I flipping LOVE them. I know there will be lots of other trends that I have missed out, but these are the ones that have really pulled me in and made me want to shop (more than usual and that’s saying something!!).

The 70’s are back



This was always going to be my first trend, because it’s my absolute favourite. I adore the 70’s style pieces that are everywhere on the high street at the minute. It’s all about corduroy, wide legged trousers, flares, platforms, pussy bow blouses. YES PLEASE!!! Above are the most beautiful wide leg corduroy trousers I have ever seen, for only £35! although unfortunately they have completely sold out, so I have my notifications on and I’m waiting for them to come back in, come onnnnn Uniqulo.

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Velvet platform shoes – Zara

Suiting around



I have wanted a checked suit for a while now, but honestly, I could wear any kind of suit in any colour, I am obsessed. I also have a red suit from H&M which you guys may have seen on my Instagram, although my fiancé says it makes me look like I work for Virgin airlines! Whatever suits are cool, whether you wear them with a white tee and a pair of trainers, or dress them up with a silk cami and a pair of heels.

Mustard velvet blazer – Topshop

Mustard velvet trousers – Topshop

Pink velvet blazer – Topshop

Pink velvet trousers – Topshop

Tough love



Lace-up tough looking boots are everywhere at the minute and I adore them. I’ve always loved toughening up a floaty dress with a more substantial boot, and the lace-up versions everywhere on the high street at the minute are perfect. The above platform Dc Martens are my ultimate choice when it comes to the tough boot. Of course, where would we be without the leather biker jacket, however this season it’s about the more over-sized silhouette. This Zara version is amazing, although not real leather the fluffy yellow interior makes up for it.

Oversized faux fur lined biker jacket – Zara

Sparkles, sparkles & more sparkles



I know every year as we get towards the festive period we see sequins & beading all over the high street. However, this year this trend has really got me excited with the addition of chainmail. I’ve seen it in the most gorgeous tops and most recently bags (which I 100% need to invest in!). I’ve also seen the most stunning leggings and fitted top from Gucci in a kind of rhinestone chainmail (so much nicer than it sounds I promise).

Chainmail top – Topshop

Chainmail bag – Topshop

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the key trend for autumn winter, and thanks for reading.



My favourite coats for autumn/winter

I always get really excited when it gets to autumn/winter, and I can really start thinking about what winter coats I want to wear. Although when the cold weather drops I then realise how much I really need the warm weather again, can’t win lol!! However right now I’m still in the excitement period, so I just wanted to share with you guys some of, what I think, are the key styles of coats for this season. With of course, you know I’ll be getting one of each :);

  1. The checked maxi coat

TS07X17MBGE_Zoom_M_2 (1)

I loved the camel maxi coats we saw all over the high street last year, but this year its all about the checked maxi and I flipping love it, this version from Topshop is a little bit pricey at £125 but I honestly think that its worth it as you’ll we wearing it all season.

2. Coloured faux fur


No surprise on the fur coats for this season, but what I love about them this year is it is all about the colours. So not your average browns and muted creams, its all about pinks, blues, yellows. I actually have the above pink version from Topshop, and its so insanely warm, plus I don’t think its a bad price at £79.

3. The aviator


Again I know we saw this style last year, but I think last year veered more towards the faux suede style, where as this year we are looking more of the faux leather styles, which I love so much more. The distinction between the faux leather and the fur is so much easier to see, rather than with the faux suede (if you can understand what I am going on about!).  I love this version from Zara however there are so many cheaper versions on sites such as New Look, PLT and Missguided that are just as nice.

4. Borg/sherling coat


So to my last (and definitely not final, I could go on all day) pick of this seasons coats is the sherling/borg coat. I loveeeeee this style of coat, so warm and comfy, and again although there are lots of neutral coloured borg jackets around, I really am veering towards the coloured brighter versions. This red version from I am Gia a brand I have just discovered and am now obsessed with, is so perfect that I am definitely going to go out and buy this one, I love it!



Red knits and losing my fashion way

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This red jumper from Romwe is exactly what I have been looking for. Its honestly so warm and I love the length of it, not too cropped, or too long, meaning you can tuck the front into a skirt/pair of high-waisted trousers (it’s also a mega bargain). I love how both this autumn and last autumn, we saw the rise of the patent fabrics, not quite leather, not quite plastic. I love this type of skirt look so amazing paired with a knit, it dresses it down and brings it all together. Finally, the maxi trench, seriously everybody needs a trench like this, it’s just so versatile and it goes with everything.

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On the to the juicy bit!! I’d started feeling like I’d lost my sense of style a few weeks ago, this has come from putting on a bit of weight, the change of season & in a fashion sense I’ve just really felt a little lost. I’d seen so many amazing bloggers on Instagram wearing so many amazing styles that really just looked pants on me. So how have I got out of this rut? If I am honest I’m still getting out of it, but I’m feeling a lot better. Every couple of months, I find it very cathartic to just clear out my wardrobe and get rid of lots of things, that then enables me to see exactly what I have left in my wardrobe, and importantly what I still need.

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I try to make sure that what I am left with I absolutely love, rather than just keeping the things that I kind of like. I’ve also been doing sooooo much Instagram research into lots of outfits and styles on other blogger that I love, and that I know I would feel good in. Of course, that meant a couple of mini shopping sprees, but sometimes you just need a good shop! As a woman (and even more so a blogger) it’s a rubbish feeling looking in your wardrobe & thinking I hate it all! Therefore this week I intend to clear out, find old favourite items and get inspired.



Red knitted jumper – Romwe

Zip up black patent skirt – Pretty Little Thing via ASOS

Black western style ankle boots – Topshop

Trench coat – Topshop

Black backpack – Kendall & Kylie

Red ruffles and how I am dealing with Monday morning blues

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Can we just appreciate just how ruffley this wrap around is! I am so happy that ruffles are staying around for autumn/winter this year, anything ruffled and I’m in. So, the baker boy hat, I struggled with this for a while, I loved it on other people but not on me! However, I’ve attempted it and I don’t think it turned out too badly. The backless mules I bought from Steven Madden while in America, they are going to be such a staple part of my autumn wardrobe.

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Soooo the Monday blues, don’t get me wrong guys I love my job, and I love being at work, but I still struggle with Mondays, the weekend seems to have slipped through my fingers and I’m just not ready!! I am still by no means the perfect Monday morning go getter, but I wanted to let you know what is helping me get through the first day of the week, and making Mondays a lot more enjoyable! I always think as it is the weekend it’s my right to stay up and late and do what I want with my time, but I realised that this can’t happen on a Sunday, if I want a stress-free Monday morning! So, I decided to put a few rules in place. Of course, I am not going to feel great on a Monday if I am no getting enough sleep, so like a week day I am in bed for 10.00pm. This also leads to my next point, my partner and I don’t go to the gym on a Monday morning, it’s our day off (and honestly something I can’t force myself to do on a Monday morning), but I always wake up an extra 30 minutes early on a Monday, this means I have time to make a coffee and have a snuggle with my partner & dog. I then cook eggs for myself (which I never normally have time to do in the week), I honestly can’t tell you have much this 30 minutes helps set you up for the day.

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The next biggie is to prepare as much as you can on a Sunday! Choose your outfit for Monday and have it ready (if I’m being ultra-organised I choose my outfits for the whole week!) make your lunch and pack your bags. This will take so much stress out of Monday mornings and mean you have more time to relax. I also plan to do something fun every Monday after work, whether that’s meeting friends or having a date night with my partner, even better do a sport. My partner and I like to play badminton, or go bouldering. It just means that you really have something to look forward to each Monday and it helps you to remember that week nights are fun too, you just have to make them fun!



Red ruffle wrap around blouse – Topshop

Pinstripe trousers – Sold out – Similar Topshop

Baker boy hat – Sold out – Similar ASOS

Steve Madden – Backless Fur Mules




Silver boots & floral tops

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I want to talk about what I’m wearing, but then I kind of don’t, because how cool is our new garden table & benches!! Its a vintage german beer table and benches & its flipping the best thing ever! Anyway back to the clothes! The best bargain silver boots in the world, they were £12 in the sale from Zara, £12!!!! I know they are no longer available but I will link below a similar pair (silver of course).

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I also think the main star of the picture is clearly Ralph (who likes the new table as much as we do). I digress again! This floral shirred top from Zara is such a lovely summer top & goes with pretty much everything. I know I’ve said it before but I loved the shirred style tops that are everywhere this season.

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If you’ve not tried the Topshop Jamie jeans then you need too, I think they are the best skinny jeans you can buy on the high street. They have just the right amount of stretch, and are the perfect level of high-waisted.



Shirred floral top – Sold out – similar Zara

Jamie jeans – Topshop

Silver Boots – Sold out – Zara

Red Floral Body’s and the Wide Leg Jeans

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Welcome again to the most perfect Topshop jeans of the season. I have this pair in a black and also a washed blue and they are so flipping good!

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To this read floral body, if you are anything like me then you will love a body as much as I do, I think with a high-waisted jeans or high-waisted trousers they look so good. You guys know I love a red floral so was instantly drawn to this version.

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I’ve written about these black Topshop slingback ankle boots on the blog before and I honestly think everyone should own a pair. The slingback detail just gives that little bit of edge to the classic ankle boot which I love.



Black Wide Leg Jeans – Topshop

Red Floral Body – Sold Out – Similar Topshop

Black Slingback Ankle Boots – Sold Out – Similar Topshop