Checked blazers for autumn

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I had the biggest obsession with checked blazers during autumn/winter last year, and I wasn’t sure we were going to be seeing this beautiful piece so popular again this year. Lucky here it is, all over the high street, and I am so excited about it. This checked blazer from Shein is one of my favourite so far (also its only £22!!), I actually sized up so it would fit a lot more oversized, the sizes fit slightly smaller at Shein, so I got a large.

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I also think my favourite type of blazer is definitely a double breasted version, they seem to sit so much better on the body, plus I also love them fastened up. Even better if you can find the matching trousers and wear as a suit (I actually think this Shein version has a matching skirt, which I totally missed!). I am wearing this oversized blazer with a black t-shirt dress (which I also sized up in) and my pride and joy, my new Balenciaga Triple S trainers (which are an absolute dream by the way).

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Checked blazer – Shein

Straw bag – Bohemia Design

Black t-shirt dress – Pretty Little Thing

Trainers – Balenciaga 

Some more of my favourite checked high street blazers as below;

  1. Topshop double breasted checked/tartan blazer


2. H&M double breasted grey checked blazer

hmgoepprod (5)

3. Zara double breasted nude checked blazer


Grace Xx


My huge spring wardrobe clear-out

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Can you honestly beat a cropped jumper? I actually don’t think so, this type of jumper just seems to go with everything! This grey cropped jumper from Shein is so cute (oh and only £16.00!!) and I love it worn with the white wide leg trousers, which are a complete wardrobe staple going into spring. Oh and the tiny sunglasses trend, I thought I couldn’t be swayed, but I really am, I adore these tiny little sunglasses so much, so 90’s.

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I am actually really excited to talk to you about this and actually it goes hand in hand with my last post my style rut and what I intend to do about it.  At the start over every season I love to have a massive clear out, put away the mega wintery items and go back through my spring items, what do I still love and what will I wear again.

I spoke in my last post about how I am having a slight crisis in the fact that I have been eating too many creams eggs and am struggling to squeeze into some of my fav items, I will show you how to deal with that below.

So first of all I’m going to take ALL of my clothes (I know this is scary, and I by my means said this is a small task) and dump them into big piles of jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, summer tops, shirts & blouses, going out clothes. Then go for the biggest pile first (as clearly I have too many of these types of items) then separate into ‘still love and fits well’, ‘too tight but love’, ‘sell’, ‘throw away’, ‘out of season’, ‘not sure’. Just to note that while doing this the only pile that still needs to be separated out into the different types of clothing is the still love and fits well, the reason for this is when you have got to the end of this process, you will be able to see any items missing from your wardrobe. Everything else can be put into their separate piles together, so ‘too tight but love’ in one pile, ‘sell’ in another, ‘throw away’ in another, ‘out of season’ in another, ‘not sure’ in another.

The next thing to do is take your ‘too tight but love’ pile and hang it up in plain site, I want to be reminded everyday, that if I just resisted that chocolate bar I’d be wearing my fave white jeans again.

Next the ‘not sure’ pile, why are you not sure? It is past it’s best, if so throw it away, but if it is a previously loved and well-worn item then note it down you, as you will need to add this to the to buy list that we will create later. Is it uncomfortable when you wear it? Not because it’s too small, but because it’s always been that way? If so, sell it, have you never worn it because it doesn’t suit you and doesn’t go with anything in your wardrobe? Then sell it (you catch my drift).

Now to put your ‘out of season’ items in a box out of the way, so they are not cluttering up your wardrobe. Then put away your ‘sell’ clothes for another day and the ‘throw away’ clothes go off to the bin, now we can see the wood for the trees.

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Finally we need to look at your ‘still love and fits’ well pile, you know the list you started earlier with the items that are passed their best that you need to replace, add to that list and and work out the holes in your current wardrobe, do you need more tops because you have lots of trousers and nothing to go with them? Do you need more basic items to tie your wardrobe together, white tees, thin layering jumpers, a good pair of black trousers, a white shirt? Stick to this list over the next couple of months and see if you wardrobe is way more flexible, you get loads more use out of items and you shop more wisely. Also having your slightly too small clothes on display will remind you that you don’t need to spend more money on new things, just be good and try to fit into your old beloved items!

So to recap, here’s what to do;

  1. Dump all clothes into a big pile
  2. Sort into types – jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, summer tops, shirts & blouses, going out clothes
  3. Start with your biggest pile and sort into ‘still love and fits well’, ‘too tight but love’, ‘sell’, ‘throw away’, ‘out of season’, ‘not sure’
  4. Keep your types (skirts, dresses, trousers etc) separate in the ‘still love fits well’ pile
  5. Hang up in plain sight your ‘too small but love’ pile
  6. Go through your ‘not sure’ pile and separate out
  7. Anything that is past its best but you’ve worn loads, write down on your to buy list
  8. Package away the ‘out of season’ items
  9. Tidy up and put away you’re to ‘sell’ items
  10. Go through your ‘still love and fits well’ piles and workout what you are missing, add to your to buy list

Happy organising babes.



Grey cropped jumper – Shein

White wide leg trousers – LOTD

Black ankle boots – sold out – similar Dorothy Perkins 

Bag – Kozha Numbers

Micro sunglasses – sold out – similar Pretty Little Thing

Biker boots and setting new goals

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Pleated yellow midi skirts and lace-up biker boots, I flipping think so! I am so into this girly gone bad contrasting look, that we are seeing everywhere at the minute. This skirt and boots combo is exactly what I am talking about, a little bit girly, a little bit edgy. Plus this cut-off sweater from Zara, is an absolute staple that Zara will bring out year after year and I will (of course) keep wearing year after year.

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I love the hope of the new year, and all of the goal setting, and list writing possibilities it brings (for those of you that know me, will know that I love a list!) however this year I want to do things differently. No waiting around until New Year’s Eve, I’m setting my goals now. I am naturally a goal setter, and it really helps me to clear my mind, but I wouldn’t set that I achieve the goals I set that regularly and this frustrates me! Are my goals too unrealistic, are my milestones too unachievable? I actually think it is both of those things, but also so much more, so what am I going to do differently?

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Firstly I am going to visualise my goals, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to t end goal if you can’t see visualise what you are trying to achieve. So if you are trying to lose weight, cut a picture out of a magazine to motivate yourself on your journey. Making yourself accountable in my experience is hugely important. So I want to get fitter, and the best way for me to do this as a blogger & Instagrammer is to make myself accountable on my Instagram stories, tell my followers what I will be doing, and ask them for encouragement when I am struggling. Make yourself accountable to your friends and family, when you tell people, they will do all they can to help & encourage you. The next step is to break your goals down, of course as a blogger I want to grow and develop my blog, but getting to my end goal may seem massive and unachievable, so what should I do? Break this goal down to manageable bite sized pieces and set milestones. It is so much easier to visualise where you need to go and what you need to achieve, if you can see the steps in between, and also the sense of achievement when you hit each milestone. I hope this helps & I am now genuinely off to write my new goals, wish me luck!



Yellow pleated midi skirt – Mango

Cropped black sweater – sold out – similar Zara

Lace-up Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Red knits and losing my fashion way

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This red jumper from Romwe is exactly what I have been looking for. Its honestly so warm and I love the length of it, not too cropped, or too long, meaning you can tuck the front into a skirt/pair of high-waisted trousers (it’s also a mega bargain). I love how both this autumn and last autumn, we saw the rise of the patent fabrics, not quite leather, not quite plastic. I love this type of skirt look so amazing paired with a knit, it dresses it down and brings it all together. Finally, the maxi trench, seriously everybody needs a trench like this, it’s just so versatile and it goes with everything.

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On the to the juicy bit!! I’d started feeling like I’d lost my sense of style a few weeks ago, this has come from putting on a bit of weight, the change of season & in a fashion sense I’ve just really felt a little lost. I’d seen so many amazing bloggers on Instagram wearing so many amazing styles that really just looked pants on me. So how have I got out of this rut? If I am honest I’m still getting out of it, but I’m feeling a lot better. Every couple of months, I find it very cathartic to just clear out my wardrobe and get rid of lots of things, that then enables me to see exactly what I have left in my wardrobe, and importantly what I still need.

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I try to make sure that what I am left with I absolutely love, rather than just keeping the things that I kind of like. I’ve also been doing sooooo much Instagram research into lots of outfits and styles on other blogger that I love, and that I know I would feel good in. Of course, that meant a couple of mini shopping sprees, but sometimes you just need a good shop! As a woman (and even more so a blogger) it’s a rubbish feeling looking in your wardrobe & thinking I hate it all! Therefore this week I intend to clear out, find old favourite items and get inspired.



Red knitted jumper – Romwe

Zip up black patent skirt – Pretty Little Thing via ASOS

Black western style ankle boots – Topshop

Trench coat – Topshop

Black backpack – Kendall & Kylie