Red ruffles and how I am dealing with Monday morning blues

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Can we just appreciate just how ruffley this wrap around is! I am so happy that ruffles are staying around for autumn/winter this year, anything ruffled and I’m in. So, the baker boy hat, I struggled with this for a while, I loved it on other people but not on me! However, I’ve attempted it and I don’t think it turned out too badly. The backless mules I bought from Steven Madden while in America, they are going to be such a staple part of my autumn wardrobe.

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Soooo the Monday blues, don’t get me wrong guys I love my job, and I love being at work, but I still struggle with Mondays, the weekend seems to have slipped through my fingers and I’m just not ready!! I am still by no means the perfect Monday morning go getter, but I wanted to let you know what is helping me get through the first day of the week, and making Mondays a lot more enjoyable! I always think as it is the weekend it’s my right to stay up and late and do what I want with my time, but I realised that this can’t happen on a Sunday, if I want a stress-free Monday morning! So, I decided to put a few rules in place. Of course, I am not going to feel great on a Monday if I am no getting enough sleep, so like a week day I am in bed for 10.00pm. This also leads to my next point, my partner and I don’t go to the gym on a Monday morning, it’s our day off (and honestly something I can’t force myself to do on a Monday morning), but I always wake up an extra 30 minutes early on a Monday, this means I have time to make a coffee and have a snuggle with my partner & dog. I then cook eggs for myself (which I never normally have time to do in the week), I honestly can’t tell you have much this 30 minutes helps set you up for the day.

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The next biggie is to prepare as much as you can on a Sunday! Choose your outfit for Monday and have it ready (if I’m being ultra-organised I choose my outfits for the whole week!) make your lunch and pack your bags. This will take so much stress out of Monday mornings and mean you have more time to relax. I also plan to do something fun every Monday after work, whether that’s meeting friends or having a date night with my partner, even better do a sport. My partner and I like to play badminton, or go bouldering. It just means that you really have something to look forward to each Monday and it helps you to remember that week nights are fun too, you just have to make them fun!



Red ruffle wrap around blouse – Topshop

Pinstripe trousers – Sold out – Similar Topshop

Baker boy hat – Sold out – Similar ASOS

Steve Madden – Backless Fur Mules




Summer holiday planning with Shein

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It’s a big Shein haul for you today guys, you know I love this brand and I have been thinking about my up and coming holiday to America for the last few months, so I thought why not start planning for it now!

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I choose to purchase this button-up tie front dress and I absolutely love it, I love the tie front section, the buttons down the front and the midi length style (because girls, I know you know its either boobs or legs, ain’t nobody got time for both). I have this in a medium and its the most perfect comfy fit. I styled this dress with these lace-up sandals from Topshop, which weirdly twist as you walk…..meh they look good, even if your bare feet are on the actual floor 90% of the time!

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The next thing I bought in my mini Shein haul is this stripped midi skirt, a really good dupe for a version I saw in Zara a couple of months ago. I will always be drawn to a midi skirt because I think they are just so easy to wear, no riding up, no potential butt cheeks falling out of the bottom! I know I always say how affordable Shein are, but just to remind you guys, this skirt was only £18.98…..

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For me a classic combination (since I was about 12, is there an age limit on this sort of thing?!) is a midi skirt and a cropped top. This basic top is from New Look (and £3 in the sale!) and I love the 90’s style square neckline, plus a bit of blue on blue is always a winner in my eyes.

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Clearly I have gone for a blue theme here, and this was genuinely a subconscious thing, I obviously like blue a lot! You guys know that I also love embroidery, and this embroidered dress is me in dress form! I am a UK size 8/10 and this is a size medium, it fits perfectly. I love a smock style dress (mainly because I can eat more food than I probably should).

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This dress is my version of effortless dressing, and I am so excited to see what else I can find on Shein, mainly lots of items to add to my ever growing collection of embroidery & blue 🙂



Tie front stripped dress – Shein

Stripped ruffle tie front midi skirt – Shein

Blue Cropped Top – New Look

Lace-up Sandals – Topshop

Embroidered Blue Smock Dress – Shein

Black Sandals – New Look

Weekend in Paris May 2017 – Lookbook – Topshop, Missguided, ASOS, Zara


Our recent weekend in Paris, hope you enjoy 🙂

Yellow Denim Jacket – Topshop Sold Out – Similar

White Smock Dress – Missguided

Orange Blazer – Topshop

Orange Skirt – Topshop

Mesh Top – ASOS – Sold Out

Pink Velvet Crop Top

Belt – Gucci

Black Lace-up Jamie Jeans – Topshop

Trench Coat – Topshop

Gingham Dress – Zara

White Flare Sleeve Shirt – Topshop

In Love with Gingham with Olivia Rose the Label

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I have to start with this top, as it is genuinely my favourite top in my wardrobe. What you guys need to realise is this beautiful top is actually handmade by the most lovely and talented girl. I found Olivia Rose Label on Instagram, and couldn’t believe how beautiful her designs are! If there ever was a top that screamed Grace it has to be this one, gingham, bell sleeves, ruffles & cropped! What I also love about this top is it is actually reversible, I am wearing it here with the ties at the front, but it can easily be worn with other way around, which I think is an awesome little detail and it makes it so versatile.

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I am wearing this beautiful little top with my fail safe light wash vintage Levi Mom style jeans. I actually did a little bit of DIY on these jeans, I cut the hems off the bottom and added a rip in the knee. Although I liked them before this, all the hacking and snipping has been the making of them for me. I was looking for a pair distressed vintage jeans for months and just couldn’t find the style and fit I wanted, so I thought why not make my own!

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But back to the top, because that really is the star of the show, check out more of Olivia’s designs on Depop & Etsy (also Instagram – @oliviarosethelabel) I have my eye on the pink bell sleeve off the shoulder top, it is absolutely gorgeous. Oh the Topshop studded sandals, I will give them a very quick mention as I am sure you are bored of them now (I must invest in more shoes) but they are lovely nonetheless.



Gingham Top – Olivia Rose – Depop

Vintage Jeans – Levis – Similar – ASOS Marketplace

Studded Sandals – Topshop

Spring / Summer 2017 Fashion Haul – Topshop, Zara, Shein, Romwe, JORD, Gucci

Another spring/summer haul for you guys, including lots of items that I am loving at the minute, hope you enjoy.



Blue Embroidered Dress – Shein

Embroidered white shirt – Romwe

Black cord pinafore – Romwe

White off the shoulder two piece – top – Narlaka

Shorts – Narlaka

Gingham handmade top – Olivia Rose The Label

Wooden watch – JORD

Red skirt – New Look

Orange skirt suit skirt – Topshop

Orange skirt suit Jacket – Topshop

Topshop lace-up jeans

Stradivarius kimono

Zara grey slip dress

Zara gingham dress

Gucci bag

ASOS pink velvet top

Cinco necklace

Spring unboxing haul and try on – Topshop & Missguided



My first unboxing haul, so excited for you guys to see my first reaction to some of the spring items i have bought recently.

Black embroidered skirt – Romwe 

Oversized denim jacket – Missguided

Black trousers – Missguided

Three strap heels – Missguided

Black studded heeled sandals – Missguided

Smock dress – Missguided

Polka dot blouse – Topshop

Floral off the shoulder dress – Blush clothing playhouse

Shein – Spring Fashion Wishlist

So there is no hiding how obsessed I am with Shein at the minute, I love how this brand is so trend lead, but so affordable. Below I have put together the items that I am loving on Shein at the minute. You will definitely be seeing me in some of these beauties on my blog and on my Instagram very soon.


1. Ruffle pinstripe skirt 

2. Gingham playsuit 

3. Striped dress

4. Cold shoulder white top


5. Lace up sleeve blouse

6. Red gingham ruffle top

7. Red floral wrap dress

8. Gingham midi skirt



Off the Shoulder Blouses are my Jam

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So this blouse is an absolute dream, like seriously, wrap around, cropped, ruffles sleeves, its an absolute beauty. This blouse is from Shein (linked below) and I got it in a size medium, which for a UK size 8/10 is absolutely perfect. Just so you guys are aware, the sizes at Shein do come up slightly smaller than standard UK sizes, so always best to size-up. It is completely wrap around, with a long section that you can tie any way you like. I love this as you can style it differently, depending on how you are feeling that day!

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I’ve tied this at the back as I like keeping the front of the blouse quite minimal, and not fussy. The quality is great too, which is amazing as the blouse is only around £20 UK prices that is crazy cheap! I’ve seen this style at a lot more money, at various different online stores, so this version is a complete bargain. I have styled this blouse with my ruffled/flared ribbed ‘mermaid’ (describes them perfectly) trousers from Topshop, which I know are going to be such a spring staple. They are so stretchy and comfy, and literally go with anything!


Finally we have these pink suede beauts from Topshop, I felt this outfit really needed a pop of colour and these mules are perfect. They are actually from Topshop last season, but I know they have released lots of similar styles, so will link down below. Can’t wait to style this blouse in so many different ways, and so excited to buy more items from Shein.



Blouse – Shein

Ruffled Trousers – Topshop

Pink Sandals – Sold Out – Similar – Topshop