March 2018 – Spring Haul

Hi Babes,
I have been away from Youtube for a while, but I’m back! And ready to show you all of the amazing things I have been buying recently.
I really hope you enjoy this spring haul and all of the items in the video are linked below.
Dorothy Perkins;
Nasty Gal;
Hers Wave;


10 things that you don’t know about me

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First my loves lets introduce you to the most cute lace up top ever! This beaut is from Shein and as always is mega affordable, at only £15 (insane I know). Its such a flattering shape too, it really gives you that hour glasses figure. It is a shame babes that you can’t see these trousers properly in these pictures (bring back summer & good lighting), if you could, you’d know they were the most amazing plum coloured satin combats!! I mean come on satin…combats!!

So I wanted you guys to get to know me a little more, so I thought I’d do a blog post on 10 things you don’t know about me. I mean some of you have known me for years, so you will know these things, and they will probably make you laugh!

1. I have absolutely no sense of direction, to the point where can happily come out of a shop and walk for a good 10 minutes, before I realise I’ve gone in the wrong direction. I also use sat nav to get around everywhere, I mean everywhere. I also get lost in peoples houses a lot…

2. I am obsessed with chocolate, if you leave chocolate near me, I will eat it in 2 seconds, and no I won’t feel bad!!

3. I have a 15 year old sister, which may not seem anything crazy, but she is my full sister and there is 15 years between us. Plus she’s most perfect little thing you ever did see, and I love her to bits.

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4. As you can see above I have a Yorkshire terrier dog called Ralph, and I let him lick me on my face, mouth, nose, meh I don’t even care, I literally love him that much!

5.  I have a massive thing for crop tops, which is not weather appropriate in the UK at the minute at all. For a night out give me a pair of trousers and a crop top, over a little slinky dress any day.

6. I have the most perfect fiancee (they all say that) but honestly he is a dream, he shops with me for hours, takes all my pictures for my blog, puts up with me moaning about looking fat. He is an absolute gem and I am so lucky to be with him.

7. Both my fiancee and I work in digital, so we genuinely come home and have conversions about it, only a nightly basis….highly sad.

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8. I have a lisp! Not a surprise if you have ever heard me talk, but its there and its prominent. I got very badly teased for it when I was at school, but now I realise like any bullying, that was their anxieties and weaknesses. My lisp is part of me, and I am a confident person so will always speak freely, and it never ever makes me feel self-conscious. If someone picks up on it to make fun of me (not a regular occurrence actually) I will make sure they know how childish that is, and that its only a bad reflection on them.

9. I wanted to work and make money since being a little girl, so I would make things out of sticks in the garden (like stick dolls, stick nests, the possibilities were endless), and sell them for real money to unsuspecting family members. Whether they wanted them or not, lol!

10. I am terrible at texting people back, like completely and utterly terrible, my lovely amazing friends have learnt to deal with it over the years. Its that whole I’ll do it later thing…sorry guys, you know I love you <3.



White lace-up top – Shein

Silk combat trousers – sold out – similar Missguided

White shoes – sold out – similar 

Grace Surguy – 4 things you may not know about me

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Lets talk about this maxi coat of dreams from Shein, I am so into nudes at the minute and this coat is the perfect mix of pinky nude and beige nude, its also that very long maxi length that I really love, and this beaut is only £25!! I’ve been after a pair of white jeans for months now, and I’ve been unable to find any that I actually like, this pair from Mango are perfect and I love the raw hems on both the legs and waist, it also comes with a cute little tie belt. Also lets appreciate the little black heart, this my loves is the most perfect t-shirt I own, from Comme Des Garcon Play (which I have only just discovered is a Japanese brand) is my most favourite basic piece.

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So in todays post I just wanted give you a few nuggets of info, many you guys can to get to know me a little more, so 4 things you probably don’t know about me; 1. I am a black belt at kickboxing – so I am not going to lie its a while since I have kick-boxed, however I’d love to get back into it, its such a great activity to really test you, and take you to that next level of fitness, the only problem is that I loved my old club so much that I really have struggled to find one that I love just as much. 2. In my ‘real’ job I am a digital project manager – I absolutely love my job and am so lucky and grateful to be able to do what I do, and work with such a great team and client. I am mega organised, I know I wouldn’t be able to manage my blog & work a full time job, so its great that my skills at work can be utilised in my personal life.

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3. I have an English Literature degree – when I actually get the time to do it, reading is one of my absolute favourite past times, and to be able to study some of my favourite works in my degree was amazing. I actually wrote my dissertation on Charles Dickens and the hierarchy of money in three of his novels. 4. I get married next year – for my babes that follow me on Instagram this may not be so much of a surprise, however its something that I could not be more excited about, so many fun things to plan, the dress, the food! Then of course marrying the man of my dreams.



Nude maxi coat – Shein 

White jeans – Mango – now in the sale!! 

White t-shirt – Comme Des Garcon Play – Available at End Clothing

Bag – Kozha Numbers


2018 resolutions and why I totally believe in them

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Clueless vibes you say? Hell yeah! I know we see the check/plaid vibe come around on a yearly basis, but this is a trend I will continue to love, year after year. I also love this staple black jumper from Romwe I adore the lantern sleeves, also as the jumper itself is not too oversized, it is very easy to tuck into a skirt or pair of jeans without looking too bulky. Also guys its a total bargain at only £22!!

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Although I do not technically believe in ‘new year’s’ resolutions, as I think it is important to set goals and challenges through the year. However I do think the new year is the perfect new start to really think about what you want to achieve in the coming year. I am a serial goal setter, and I honestly think that I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t.

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So what are my goals for the new year;

    1. Put my health first – I am a such a yoyo dieter, and it really frustrates me that I am like this! A person of extremes, one minute I am extremely regimented and get really upset with myself if I do the smallest thing ‘wrong’ the next I am eating Mcdonalds 3 times a day. So in 2018 I want to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle, not depriving myself of anything but making sure a am putting goodness into my body on a daily basis & exercising as much as I can, without going over the top.
    2. Save for our wedding –  I am terrible with money and even worse at saving, but in 2018 I fully intend to save hard so we have the wedding of our dreams in 2019. Even if this means a slightly smaller wardrobe (only slightly) and no summer holiday (rubbish but necessary)
    3. Grow my blog/social following – after nearly a year of blogging again I have absolutely loved it, and worked with some wonderful people and brands along the way. In 2018 I want to redesign the blog and carry on doing what I’m doing now, with the same amount of passion and love.
    4. Look after my hair – ok so you might not think this is big enough to go on this list, but man my hair has been through some shiz in 2017, bleach, pink dyes etc, it needs a real break. Its dry and very very damaged, so back to brown and lots of hair masks and trims, and as little heat on it as I can manage, so that 2019 is a better hair year for me.
    5. Spend quality time with my fiance, family & friends –  I am absolutely awful at getting very easily distracted, whether its by my phone or something I am thinking about. In 2018 when I am with my loved ones I want to be there with them, every second, not in my head or on my phone, thinking about my to do list. It’s so important to be in the moment as much as possible, and to really feel the joy of every moment.
    6. Grow professionallyoutside of blogging I am a digital project manager, and I absolutely love my job. For me in my job I intend to learn and grow on a daily basis, whether that is with classroom training/courses, or whether that is learning from my highly skilled and experienced colleagues on a daily basis.





And that’s it really babes, take some time to write down your goals, because if nothing else it’s extremely cathartic, and I really do think it sets you on track for a positive year.



Black lantern sleeve jumper – Romwe

Checked mini skirt – Sold out in this colour, different colour – Topshop

Leather boots – Topshop

Bag – APC

My best moments of 2017

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Lets do the outfit deats first loves, this faux fur jacket from Shein is so warm and cosy, I love how it is kind of cropped, I usually go for a more oversized style for a faux fur jacket, but I loved how different this is. Plus it is mega affordable as always at only £22, which is insane for a coat. The black jeans are my staple wide leg cut off jeans from Topshop, along with this white ribbed long sleeve top, that is a go to in my wardrobe for layering now the weather is colder.

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I think it is so important in life to look back on the year just passed and reminisce about the good times, the amazing moments you had and the great achievements you made, that should be remembered and celebrated. 2017 has actually been an insane year me, and my life has changed a lot, sometimes I find that we look back on the previous year and not much seems to have changed, for me this makes me feel quite uncomfortable, I like to be forever growing and developing, learning and experiencing new things.

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There is so much that I can talk about in 2017, but here are some of my highlights and things I will never ever forget;

  • January 2017 – starting to blog again, something I had intended to start doing years before but never really got the time, oh so I say 🙂
  • March 2017 – Trip to Lucca Italy with my partners family and my now future family. By the way guys, Luca is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, I really would recommend it
  • May 2017 – During a trip to Paris my boyfriend (now fiance) asked me to marry him, in a beautiful apartment we were staying in, on the Champs-Elysees, after a 3 course meal from a private chief. This was and will forever be the best night of my life. At 30 I was a little late finding the man of my dreams, but he’s here now and I can’t imagine my life without him.
  • May 2017 – I bought my first Gucci (clearly a very important development)
  • June 2017 – after 9 years in my previous job I moved to a new job at a new company, and it is one of the best moves I have ever made. I learn and develop my knowledge of digital marketing on a daily basis. Which I believe is such an important thing in any role, you must always be learning and developing, no matter how long you have been in the same job.
  • July 2017 – My fiance and I booked our wedding venue, July 27th 2019 here we come!
  • August 2017 – my fiance and I went on the holiday of lifetime where we spent 3 and a half weeks travelling across California & Nevada in America. We saw some absolutely amazing things, ate some amazing food, drove and amazing car and had quality time together that we will never ever forget
  • December 2017 – I hit 5000 followers on Instagram, this is huge for me and I want to say thank you to everyone, because I flipping love you all!

So here’s to 2018 babes, let’s have the best year ever.



Faux fur coat – Shein

Wide leg jeans – Topshop

Black leather boots – Topshop

Long sleeve white ribbed top – ASOS

My favourite brand – Weekday

I have been into Weekday for a while now, I am absolutely obsessed with the really staple items that they offer, along with some of the more surprising items, and honestly guys the quality is so amazing. Below are some of my absolute favourite items

The most perfect £25 hoody;


The perfect turtle neck sweater;

app003prod (1)

Faux fur coat of dreams;

app003prod (2)

The perfect jeans;

app003prod (3)

Dreamy silky blouse;

app003prod (4)



Girls supporting girls in the blogging world

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Outfit first my loves – can we just take a moment to appreciate these side stripe corduroy trousers from Romwe I don’t think I have seen anything else like them on the high-street at the minute. There is something about corduroy that makes it so much warmer than most other materials, which is great for all of the cold days we have coming up. These boots are such staples in my wardrobe, and I think I wear then more than any of my other shoes. It also surprises me just how comfortable they are as I don’t usually do well with stilettos. I have been looking for a navy blue maxi coat for a while now, and this one from H&M is exactly what I was after, plus its really great quality. I wanted a more oversized look so I actually sized up to a 12 and it is exactly the fit I was after.

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I think when I starting blogging again for the second time (the first time was quite a few years ago, before even the days of Instagram – yes I am old!) I was very fearful about putting myself out there as a blogger, who is putting their self and  their sense of style in front of the world, potentially to be criticised. I know as a blogger I am not at the level where I have exposure like some of the big players in the fashion blogging world. However there is still a level of expose, that you have putting yourself out there a brand on social media will give you.

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All I have found during nearly a year of blogging again, is the absolute support for each other, both bloggers and girls who love fashion from all around the entire world. Who are usually all trying to do the same thing, and doing it because they love fashion so much, or girls who just want to let you know that they appreciate what you are doing on a daily basis. I haven’t had a negative comment yet, even on those days when you are really not feeling your best, your thighs or your butt look and feel too big, your hair is too frizzy and you are just not feeling your face, girls  who you have never even met will leave the nicest of comments on your posts, and give you back that little bit of confidence. I too actively do the same to other bloggers/girls who love fashion on a daily basis, letting know know amazing they look or how well I think they have put an outfit together, because there is nothing better than love and support from our fellow women. Keep supporting each other babes because as women we are strong, and lets make social media a positive place for women :).



Corduroy side stripe trousers – Romwe

Black knitted roll neck – ASOS

Black Sock Boots – Topshop

Belt – Gucci

Navy long coat – H&M

Taking time to appreciate what we have

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One of my favourite trends this season is corduroy, trousers, jackets, entire suits, literally anything! This cord faux shearling lined jacket from Romwe is so cosy,  I have it in a size medium which is perfect to wear over a thick knit jumper, perfect for the colder months. I am also loving the kick-flare style trousers/jeans that we are seeing all over the high-street at the minute, they are such a flattering style, this version from Missguided is linked below. Then the trusty polo neck, that no winter in the UK can be survived without, and finally the silver boots of dreams, I am pretty sure this silver pair from Zara are sold out, however I will link a similar pair below.

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Sometimes in life we just need to stop what we are doing and appreciate what we have. Often we are so busy, running around, doing all of the things we need to do, like making more money or move along in life. That we don’t stop to appreciate what we have right now, in this moment. I know as a blogger with a full time job, trying to do well in my job along with trying to grow my blog that I am certainly a culprit when it comes to this.

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Now when I wake up in the morning, I take the time to notice and take in the sunrise, instead of just storming downstairs knowing I have things to get ready for work that day. Also to have hugs in the morning with my fiancee and my dog, and to just let myself enjoy that for 10 minutes, without letting my mind wander to the day ahead or to my to do list. Living in the moment is very hard for me as I am such a planner, but I know hoe important it is that I try to best to do this a few times a day. To keep my mind focused, I will be writing down two things a day, just in my phone, that I am appreciative and am grateful for. Whether that is my niece and nephew and their smiles when I come to see them, or how my fiancee always puts me first. Lets take a little time to remember how lucky we are, because I honestly think that is the secret to happiness.



Corduroy and shearling jacket – Romwe

Kick-flare black trousers – Missguided

Silver boots – Sold out – Similar Topshop

Striped polo neck – New Look

My 3 winter fashion essentials

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Firstly babes lets talk about outfits, so this checked coat from Shein is honestly so perfect, I have it in a size medium, and as with all items from Shein, it is always best to size up, I usually go for a medium, or even a large depending on the item. As I have mentioned before as Shein is a Chinese online store, the sizes are a lot smaller than standard UK sizes. I think what I love the most about this coat, is the red thread running through the checked pattern, and as always the quality is lovely, and for only £25! These skinny jeans from Weekday are a revelation, I spoke about them in my last post, click here to find out more. Then to the red Zara beret and the slip on Vans, which I will speak about next.

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So I have 3 winter essentials that I will not be going headlong within winter without this year. 1. the beret, I am so so happy that we have a new winter hat style that is really being coveted this year, and I want it in every colour! I currently have a red and a grey, but I am also looking for a navy and a nude colour. 2. The checked coat, this £25 Shein version is so perfect for the coming colder months, especially with a really thick knit jumper underneath. I also have a maxi length version from ASOS which is amazing too, a checked coat dresses up any simple outfit.

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3. The trainer, I have so many trainer styles that I am loving at the minute, my most recent purchases are these slip-on Vans & the Comme Des Garcon Converse (which are amazing by the way!). You also can’t beat a black pair of Van’s Old Skool, I know that lots of people are wearing them at the minute and they are not really unique, however they do go with most outfits. A good pair of trainers are perfect for the colder time of the year as they are great for slipper surfaces and also so warm. I hope you have enjoyed my 3 winter essentials, lots more essentials posts coming up.



Checked coat – Shein

White puff sleeve top – Topshop

Pale blue skinny jeans – Weekday

Slip on trainers – Vans

Red beret – Zara

Black Friday at Shein

Hi guys, I thought I needed to share with you some of my favourite pieces on Shein, before black Friday hits this coming Friday. Because be in no doubt that there will be some amazing deals to be had!