Silver boots & floral tops

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I want to talk about what I’m wearing, but then I kind of don’t, because how cool is our new garden table & benches!! Its a vintage german beer table and benches & its flipping the best thing ever! Anyway back to the clothes! The best bargain silver boots in the world, they were £12 in the sale from Zara, £12!!!! I know they are no longer available but I will link below a similar pair (silver of course).

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I also think the main star of the picture is clearly Ralph (who likes the new table as much as we do). I digress again! This floral shirred top from Zara is such a lovely summer top & goes with pretty much everything. I know I’ve said it before but I loved the shirred style tops that are everywhere this season.

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If you’ve not tried the Topshop Jamie jeans then you need too, I think they are the best skinny jeans you can buy on the high street. They have just the right amount of stretch, and are the perfect level of high-waisted.



Shirred floral top – Sold out – similar Zara

Jamie jeans – Topshop

Silver Boots – Sold out – Zara

Red Floral Body’s and the Wide Leg Jeans

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Welcome again to the most perfect Topshop jeans of the season. I have this pair in a black and also a washed blue and they are so flipping good!

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To this read floral body, if you are anything like me then you will love a body as much as I do, I think with a high-waisted jeans or high-waisted trousers they look so good. You guys know I love a red floral so was instantly drawn to this version.

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I’ve written about these black Topshop slingback ankle boots on the blog before and I honestly think everyone should own a pair. The slingback detail just gives that little bit of edge to the classic ankle boot which I love.



Black Wide Leg Jeans – Topshop

Red Floral Body – Sold Out – Similar Topshop

Black Slingback Ankle Boots – Sold Out – Similar Topshop

Florals In Red & Off The Shoulder

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This dress is literally SO AMAZING, hence my capitalisation!! I mean come on, it is off the shoulder, button down and the most perfect red floral (which is my favourite type of floral). I also love the high/low style of the dress, so shorter at the front and longer at the back.

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I am actually looking forward to wearing this red floral dress in slightly cooler weather with black chunky ankle boots and a black leather biker jacket, the perfect look for Autumn.

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If you are new to my blog then you’ll know how much I love Shein, the quality of this dress is amazing for only £23, and they have such a huge choice on their site. When you are buying from Shein, just a couple of things to be aware of, the delivery can take up to a month (totally worth the wait) and the sizes are usually slightly smaller than normal UK sizes.



Red Floral Dress – Shein

Why I’ll always be a Topshop Girl

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Since I was about 14 years old I have been in love with Topshop, the small town that I grew up in actually had a small Topshop which was amazing! Hence why all the money I got from my Saturday job, went straight into the pocket of Philip Green. Over the years my love for this high-street giant has not changed.

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I love the fact that I know that I can go into Topshop, and find something that I love without any problems, or really any effort! This outfit is entirely Topshop, and I think its my favourite so far this year. I absolutely adore tie front tops and wide leg cropped jeans are at the top of my wish-list at the minute (they also do this pair in black, which I know I pretty much HAVE to purchase).

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Plus these jeans are the perfect level of high-waisted for me, I love a really high pair, as it makes it so much easier to wear with crop tops, and these are perfect. Lastly my little Whistles bargain bag, its the tiniest bag in the world, but for a night out is the perfect size to hold your phone & little essentials.



Tie Front Crop Top – Topshop

High-Waisted Wide Leg Jeans – Topshop

Black Court Shoes – Topshop

Mini Bag – Whistles

Crop Tops & Perfect Summer Trousers

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Black trousers for summer?? Are you mad?? Not mad, you guys just haven’t tried THESE black trousers. If you have been reading my blog lately you’ll know about my current love for UK brand Lucy & Yak of which are by far the coolest brand I have found lately.

Processed with VSCO with j1 presetI’ve been desperate for pair of black summer trousers for a while now, but they are usually all so tight and hot. However I have finally found this gorgeous black high-waisted pair they have a mega elasticised waist which makes them possibly the most comfortable trousers  have ever owned. Plus they look so cute with a little summer floral crop top, like this one from Topshop.

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The top was an absolute Topshop bargain at at only £16, along with these cream mules from H&M and my Gucci Marmont. Plus how cute are these little beach huts! We went down to Whitstable for the day and it is such a beautiful place.



Black Trousers – Lucy & Yak

Floral Crop Top – Sold Out – Similar Topshop

Cream Mules – H&M

Gold Heart Necklace – Cinco Store

Black Handbag – Gucci


The Floral Backless Dress

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Let me introduce the floral backless maxi dress you’ve been needing for all of your wedding invitations this year! Which actually (I think) is one of the hardest events to dress for! You need to be appropriate, but you don’t want something completely boring, so here we are ladies, thus is the one <3.

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I think what I love the most about this dress is how flattering it is (oh and that its only £15.00, that I definitely love that) it nips you in just in the right places. Plus its that good material (you guys know what I’m saying) not that bad material that just clings, this dress gives you a nice warm hug (I have no idea what I’m on about tonight loves, its been a long week, lol).

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Oh and look a that back (just look at it) its a work of art, plus I have no idea how (must be the placement of the straps, but it is so supportive that you really don’t miss wearing a bra at all. As you guys probably know, Shein is quite small in sizes (from standard UK sizes) and I have this in a medium, which for a 8/10 is perfect.



Floral Backless Dress – Shein

Tie-up Sandals – Topshop

Shein – Summer Fashion Wishlist

You guys know I love Shein, so I’ve put together my Shein summer wishlist, going to be snapping up some of these items myself, which I’m really excited to show you, hope you enjoy.


1. Red Floral Bell Sleeve Two Piece

2. Foliage Print Cut-Out Maxi Dress

3. Asymmetric Shoulder Gingham Blouse

4. Pom Pom Flare Hem Checkered Trousers


Spring unboxing haul and try on – Topshop & Missguided



My first unboxing haul, so excited for you guys to see my first reaction to some of the spring items i have bought recently.

Black embroidered skirt – Romwe 

Oversized denim jacket – Missguided

Black trousers – Missguided

Three strap heels – Missguided

Black studded heeled sandals – Missguided

Smock dress – Missguided

Polka dot blouse – Topshop

Floral off the shoulder dress – Blush clothing playhouse

Shein – Spring Fashion Wishlist

So there is no hiding how obsessed I am with Shein at the minute, I love how this brand is so trend lead, but so affordable. Below I have put together the items that I am loving on Shein at the minute. You will definitely be seeing me in some of these beauties on my blog and on my Instagram very soon.


1. Ruffle pinstripe skirt 

2. Gingham playsuit 

3. Striped dress

4. Cold shoulder white top


5. Lace up sleeve blouse

6. Red gingham ruffle top

7. Red floral wrap dress

8. Gingham midi skirt



Spring Florals & Flared Sleeves

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Meet one of the most beautiful dresses I own, the ‘Tash’ dress from my babes at Blush Clothing Playhouse (linked down below) is seriously amazing. I love the off the shoulder details and also the floral print is so delicate, perfect for the spring season. I actually have a christening next month, and this is definitely going to be the dress that I will wear then.

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Not only is this dress beautiful its so crazy comfortable, the neckline is elasticated and so is the waist, so you can have it as high or low as you like. I’m really excited about changing it up a little and taking off the belt it comes with and wearing it with my belt Gucci waist belt. Make sure you check out Blush Clothing Playhouse, they offer some really gorgeous pieces, and are such amazing people, plus the international shipping costs are mega low, which is always a bonus.

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Lastly these Missguided strappy sandal beauts, I swear these are going to be my most worn dressed-up shoes. They are so comfy and so stylish, and go with pretty much everything, and they are £20, what a bargain.

Dress – Blush Clothing Playhouse

High Sandals – Missguided