Jeans styles for all body shapes

Hi babes, so the perfect style of jeans for me, are often very hard to find if not impossible! I have always had very large calves, no matter how much weight I put on or lose. I also have thighs that are on the larger side too, but I have a small waist. So I find that a lot of jeans are way to tight on my legs and too big on my waist. I’ve been on a huge hunt recently for the most perfect jeans and I’ve found 4 types that I just have to share with you;

Topshop – Jamie Jeans – best skinny jean


The Topshop Jamie jean, in my eyes, are the perfect skinny jeans, they have just the right amount of stretch without being too jegging (ain’t nobody got time for that). The quality is also amazing, and at £40 I don’t think the price is bad at all. I used to be really into the Topshop Joni jeans, but actually I like belt hooks, and they don’t have them, trivial I know but where would the Gucci belt go? 🙂

Weekday – high waist skinny jeans – the best pale blue skinny


I have only just discovered Weekday jeans and man are they good, like the Topshop Jamie jeans they have just the right amount of stretch, and I would actually say they are comfier than the Jamie jeans. I often find it really hard to find a good pair of pale skinny jeans as sometimes they can look cheap or unflattering on. These jeans retail at £50, which again I do not think is bad at all for a pair of jeans you will probably have for years.

ASOS – Ridley Jeans – best budget jeans


Now the first thing I have to say about these jeans are they £25! 25 whole pounds!! Although the quality is not as good as the Weekday or the Topshop jeans, but for the price, I honestly do rate these jeans. I find that black jeans fade in the wash overtime so easily, so I’d rather buy a cheap pair, as I normally have to replace theme every 6 months or so. I’d say that the sizing for these jeans is not too generous, so if you are in-between sizes, my recommendation would be to choose the bigger size.

Levi’s 501 Jeans – Best ripped jeans


Like jeans in general, me and ripped jeans have a very VERY bad relationship. It is very easy to get this type of jean wrong, think cheap material and rips in weird places! However there is not much that Levi’s do wrong when it comes to jeans, I mean they are the experts!! Also I don’t think you can beat the 501, such a classic style that is somewhere in between the skinny and the mom jean, which is just perfect! At the most expensive of my choices these beauts come at £85, but again for a pair of jeans you’ll wear for years I don’t think thats bad at all (especially when you get 20% off in the black Friday sales…whoop!!).