Red ruffles and how I am dealing with Monday morning blues

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Can we just appreciate just how ruffley this wrap around is! I am so happy that ruffles are staying around for autumn/winter this year, anything ruffled and I’m in. So, the baker boy hat, I struggled with this for a while, I loved it on other people but not on me! However, I’ve attempted it and I don’t think it turned out too badly. The backless mules I bought from Steven Madden while in America, they are going to be such a staple part of my autumn wardrobe.

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Soooo the Monday blues, don’t get me wrong guys I love my job, and I love being at work, but I still struggle with Mondays, the weekend seems to have slipped through my fingers and I’m just not ready!! I am still by no means the perfect Monday morning go getter, but I wanted to let you know what is helping me get through the first day of the week, and making Mondays a lot more enjoyable! I always think as it is the weekend it’s my right to stay up and late and do what I want with my time, but I realised that this can’t happen on a Sunday, if I want a stress-free Monday morning! So, I decided to put a few rules in place. Of course, I am not going to feel great on a Monday if I am no getting enough sleep, so like a week day I am in bed for 10.00pm. This also leads to my next point, my partner and I don’t go to the gym on a Monday morning, it’s our day off (and honestly something I can’t force myself to do on a Monday morning), but I always wake up an extra 30 minutes early on a Monday, this means I have time to make a coffee and have a snuggle with my partner & dog. I then cook eggs for myself (which I never normally have time to do in the week), I honestly can’t tell you have much this 30 minutes helps set you up for the day.

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The next biggie is to prepare as much as you can on a Sunday! Choose your outfit for Monday and have it ready (if I’m being ultra-organised I choose my outfits for the whole week!) make your lunch and pack your bags. This will take so much stress out of Monday mornings and mean you have more time to relax. I also plan to do something fun every Monday after work, whether that’s meeting friends or having a date night with my partner, even better do a sport. My partner and I like to play badminton, or go bouldering. It just means that you really have something to look forward to each Monday and it helps you to remember that week nights are fun too, you just have to make them fun!



Red ruffle wrap around blouse – Topshop

Pinstripe trousers – Sold out – Similar Topshop

Baker boy hat – Sold out – Similar ASOS

Steve Madden – Backless Fur Mules




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