3 things I wish I’d said to my 20 year old self

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I am so obsessed with anything knitwear from Romwe at the minute & this yellow dreamy jumper is no different. I love the oversized fit and as always a roll neck. I love pairing quite an oversized jumper with wide legged trousers, and these black ones from H&M are my absolute favourites. Then the classic white trainer, is there anymore perfect shoe for a capsule wardrobe? I think not!!

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I have a 15 year old sister, and as soon as she was born she changed my life, because of the age difference between us, she has always been more like a surrogate daughter than a little sister. There is not much I wouldn’t do for that girl, to make sure she is happy in life. However there is one thing I can and will do. As a 30 year old I fully understand and embrace popular culture, social media, all of these things that are now so prominent in our lives. 10 years ago they were of course less entwined within our everyday life, but the themes are still same. So this is what I would tell my 20 year old self, my 15 year old sister and anyone else who wants to listen.

  1. Love yourself for being you – As young adults, man can you guys be hard on yourself! I was exactly the same at your age and with the rise of social media it’s so much harder for you guys to step away from the idealistic view of the world we are served on a daily basis. Imagine the amount of time we could put into our own self love, if only we used the time we take to beat ourselves up,and tell ourselves we are not good enough. There will always be someone prettier, more intelligent, richer, but you are you, kind, passionate, thoughtful, loving and there is only one of you. Spend time with your friends and family and people who bring you joy and make you feel wonderful everyday. And do not criticise the way you look or your body, look after yourself and love your differences as they make you, you. This image you see in the magazines, Instagram is not real, how can you even aspire to something that is fake? Clothes and beauty are fun but thats all they are, family, friends love are everything.


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  1. Work hard – In your 20’s you have the world at your feet and your whole future ahead of you. Take this time to decide what you want to do and work hard to get there. Whether this is in business or an apprenticeship (which I genuinely think are the best things ever, by the way) or a more creative role. At 20 I fell into marketing, although I felt my role at the time wasn’t my calling I worked hard within the industry and am now in a role that I love, and I know is perfect for me.
  2. Look after yourself – At university, I never ate vegetables, barely ate fruit and very rarely exercised. As your bodies are young they can take this treatment, but you really will feel better if you look after yourself. We all get into ruts where we eat badly for a few weeks, and realise we have put nothing green into our bodies for a while. If you eat well your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel healthier, with more energy and positivity than you can imagine.

I hoped that helped my loves, and remember it takes time to become who you imagined you be, it took me 30 years, but the journey to get there will make you who you are.




Mustard knitted jumper – Romwe

Wide leg black trousers – Sold out – Similar- H&M

Platform white trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Bag – APC


Girls supporting girls in the blogging world

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Outfit first my loves – can we just take a moment to appreciate these side stripe corduroy trousers from Romwe I don’t think I have seen anything else like them on the high-street at the minute. There is something about corduroy that makes it so much warmer than most other materials, which is great for all of the cold days we have coming up. These boots are such staples in my wardrobe, and I think I wear then more than any of my other shoes. It also surprises me just how comfortable they are as I don’t usually do well with stilettos. I have been looking for a navy blue maxi coat for a while now, and this one from H&M is exactly what I was after, plus its really great quality. I wanted a more oversized look so I actually sized up to a 12 and it is exactly the fit I was after.

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I think when I starting blogging again for the second time (the first time was quite a few years ago, before even the days of Instagram – yes I am old!) I was very fearful about putting myself out there as a blogger, who is putting their self and  their sense of style in front of the world, potentially to be criticised. I know as a blogger I am not at the level where I have exposure like some of the big players in the fashion blogging world. However there is still a level of expose, that you have putting yourself out there a brand on social media will give you.

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All I have found during nearly a year of blogging again, is the absolute support for each other, both bloggers and girls who love fashion from all around the entire world. Who are usually all trying to do the same thing, and doing it because they love fashion so much, or girls who just want to let you know that they appreciate what you are doing on a daily basis. I haven’t had a negative comment yet, even on those days when you are really not feeling your best, your thighs or your butt look and feel too big, your hair is too frizzy and you are just not feeling your face, girls  who you have never even met will leave the nicest of comments on your posts, and give you back that little bit of confidence. I too actively do the same to other bloggers/girls who love fashion on a daily basis, letting know know amazing they look or how well I think they have put an outfit together, because there is nothing better than love and support from our fellow women. Keep supporting each other babes because as women we are strong, and lets make social media a positive place for women :).



Corduroy side stripe trousers – Romwe

Black knitted roll neck – ASOS

Black Sock Boots – Topshop

Belt – Gucci

Navy long coat – H&M

My four key trends for autumn/winter

Hi my loves, I wanted to do a post for a while now on the key trends (in my eyes) for autumn/winter. I am not ashamed to say that I flipping LOVE them. I know there will be lots of other trends that I have missed out, but these are the ones that have really pulled me in and made me want to shop (more than usual and that’s saying something!!).

The 70’s are back



This was always going to be my first trend, because it’s my absolute favourite. I adore the 70’s style pieces that are everywhere on the high street at the minute. It’s all about corduroy, wide legged trousers, flares, platforms, pussy bow blouses. YES PLEASE!!! Above are the most beautiful wide leg corduroy trousers I have ever seen, for only £35! although unfortunately they have completely sold out, so I have my notifications on and I’m waiting for them to come back in, come onnnnn Uniqulo.

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Velvet platform shoes – Zara

Suiting around



I have wanted a checked suit for a while now, but honestly, I could wear any kind of suit in any colour, I am obsessed. I also have a red suit from H&M which you guys may have seen on my Instagram, although my fiancé says it makes me look like I work for Virgin airlines! Whatever suits are cool, whether you wear them with a white tee and a pair of trainers, or dress them up with a silk cami and a pair of heels.

Mustard velvet blazer – Topshop

Mustard velvet trousers – Topshop

Pink velvet blazer – Topshop

Pink velvet trousers – Topshop

Tough love



Lace-up tough looking boots are everywhere at the minute and I adore them. I’ve always loved toughening up a floaty dress with a more substantial boot, and the lace-up versions everywhere on the high street at the minute are perfect. The above platform Dc Martens are my ultimate choice when it comes to the tough boot. Of course, where would we be without the leather biker jacket, however this season it’s about the more over-sized silhouette. This Zara version is amazing, although not real leather the fluffy yellow interior makes up for it.

Oversized faux fur lined biker jacket – Zara

Sparkles, sparkles & more sparkles



I know every year as we get towards the festive period we see sequins & beading all over the high street. However, this year this trend has really got me excited with the addition of chainmail. I’ve seen it in the most gorgeous tops and most recently bags (which I 100% need to invest in!). I’ve also seen the most stunning leggings and fitted top from Gucci in a kind of rhinestone chainmail (so much nicer than it sounds I promise).

Chainmail top – Topshop

Chainmail bag – Topshop

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the key trend for autumn winter, and thanks for reading.



Popper trousers & the 90’s trend

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First and foremost, this brown knitted bargain of a jumper, from Romwe, is the comfiest thing I own, I love it tucked into the waist band of these trousers. So popper trousers….i’m not going to lie but I actually wore these style of trousers the first time around (totally revealing my age!). A pair of Nike side popper trousers from the men’s second, at 13 I was clearly so fashion forward (or so I thought) that they hadn’t managed to filter into the women’s section yet. From what I remember I wore them with an oversized vintage red Reebok sweater (some kind of sports luxe) and my favourite pair of Adidas trainers. Funny how these trousers have come back around, and even funnier that 18 years later I am wearing them again!!!

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So what 90’s styles am I loving at the minute and what do I think you carry into this season, no matter your age or style. Remember you don’t have to take these styles to the absolute extreme, aka full blown Clueless looks (an amazing 90’s film if you’ve never seen it). Crop tops – I am not going to lie I’ve been obsessed with crop tops since I was 12 years old, how to make this work? Go for a slightly less cropped style that meets the waist band, of a pair of tailored high-waisted trousers, the absolute perfect combo. Hoop earrings – I am loving the fine oversized hoops we are seeing all over the high street at the minute, they work perfectly for both day and night.

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Heavy duty boots – I’m talking Dr Martens, studded lace-up platform boots, any kind of flat platform boots you can think of are absolutely on trend at the minute. To make this style more wearable, pair with a pleated midi skirt or a floaty midi dress, honestly the juxtaposition makes this such a cool look. Checked skirts – I posted a little pleated checked skirt recently on my Instagram from Topshop, and it’s the cutest thing ever, wear a little checked skirt with a pair of coloured ankle boots & a plain roll neck number, to look more on trend and less Clueless. Dungarees – to be fair, this is a style that I have been obsessed with year on year and every season, again for this season pair with a fitted roll neck jumper and some backless mules. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the 90’s style as much as I do.



Brown knitted jumper – Romwe

Side popper trousers – Missy Empire

Platform Stan Smith trainers – Adidas – Via Office

My favourite checked trousers and my quest for the perfect capsule wardrobe

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These trousers are soooooo flipping good, the perfect checked trousers for this season. Of course, they are from my fast fashion favs Shein, and if you look on my Instagram you’ll see the matching blazer, a co-ord made in heaven. I love dressing down a statement pair of trousers with a graphic tee, like this Aaliyah tee from Urban Outfitters, and a good pair of Vans. Also as we move into winter there is nothing better than a staple black faux fur coat.

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I don’t know about you babes but I feel like I’ve been on the quest for the most perfect capsule wardrobe for years. The thing is I forget about this quest on a regular basis and carry on buying the same low quality seasonal fashion pieces I have been buying for years! The thing is, I have read so much about how to create a capsule wardrobe, but everyone says you need this amount of clothes, that amount blah blah! What I want is a section of clothes in my wardrobe that are amazing quality, fit amazingly and go with absolutely everything I own, plus last me for years. This I do not have!

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So what’s my plan? A hugeeeee clear out, what doesn’t give me joy? What fits weirdly or annoys me every time I wear it? Then I am going to give myself two weeks to see how it feels living with less clothes, and what I feel like I’m really missing. Do I have too many bottoms and not enough tops? Do I need more work shoes? More weekend shoes? I think you also need to make sure you are being truthful will yourself in regard to your wardrobe and your lifestyle. For example, I work in an office where the dress code is smart casual, but mainly smart. Therefore, it’s important that I have a wardrobe where at least 70% of it can work for the office as being as being dressed up/dressed down for the weekend. So the quest is on babes, clear out first then I’ll let you know my next steps, wish me look!!



Checked trousers – Shein

Aaliyah t-shirt – sold out – similar Topshop

Trainers – Vans

Faux Fur Jacket – Sold out – similar ASOS

The perfect checked blazer & 6 things I do when I feel down

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First to the world’s most perfect checked blazer!! I wrote in an Instagram post early last week, explaining that I think the checked blazer is the piece of the season, and I really think that’s true. This double breasted checked blazer from Shein is so perfect, the fit is amazing, its over-sized enough just to have the perfect dressed down feel, plus it’s an absolute bargain. If you guys haven’t realised yet I am completely obsessed with these red flared trousers from H&M, they literally go with anything, I also love the flared trousers & trainers look.

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So babes, this is what I do when I am feeling a bit crappy, when I want to feel a little better about myself and relax. 1. Organise some shiz, just take 30 minutes/an hour to organise what you need too, lunch for next day/pack your gym bag etc, etc, I know it’s boring but it honestly will mean that you are able to relax so much more knowing you’ve sorted all of the necessary things out. 2. Have a bath, I love a bath, honestly, I love it, is there anything more relaxing than sitting in lovely hot, lovely smelling water? I don’t think so! What I would now like to say is that I read a book while in said bath. I actually don’t….I catch-up on Instagram, my message groups etc, if I get behind this is actually something that stresses me out, so I like to take this time to catch up and get some inspiration (which is always fun).

Processed with VSCO with j1 presetNumber 3 is sort my eyebrows out, honestly if I don’t do this once a week I feel like such a scruff! I trim, pluck and dye them myself and it’s just a little thing that I can do for myself, that makes me feel and look a little better. 4. Ring my Mum, just to hear my lovely Mum speak about her day and what she has been up to, always make me feel so much better. Sometimes we just need to reconnect with family and to have a good old catch-up, because really what’s more important that our family. 5. Watch a film with my fiancé, and have a foot rub, I luckily have the most amazing fiancé who spends probably way too much time rubbing my feet (he’s braver than I am) and I love just snuggling up on the sofa with him and watching a good film & completely turning off. 6. Have an early night, I am a complete advocate on getting as much sleep as possible, and I know if I have a really good sleep the next day I’ll feel amazing.



Checked blazer – Shein

Red flared trousers – H&M

White t-shirt – COS

Trainers – Vans

My favourite t-shirt brand & selling your old clothes to fund new ones!

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Outfit deets for you babes, first let’s just appreciate the coolness (totally not a word) of this jumpsuit/pinafore (whatever it is), I wanted to style this in a casual way as soon as I saw it, but it would also look amazing worn in an office, with heels & a flute sleeve white shirt. This tee is pretty much my favourite thing I own at the minute, if you’ve not heard of the brand Elle Est Femme then check them out babes, the quality of the tees is insane, you can honestly see and feel the quality of the material. I know this is so boring but they also wash so well, I hate it when you get a brand-new tee and the print fades after only one wash! Elle Est Femme offer the coolest pro-women slogan tees, I’m sold!

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So how do you afford all of the clothes you buy? Thats often a question I get from people (mainly my Dad!) but I can tell you exactly how I do this. I sell the ones I don’t want anymore or have worn once or twice, and know I won’t wear again. The quicker you can do this after purchasing the items the better, as in more money you’ll make from the piece of clothing. As I am a blogger I am notorious for wearing something once, photographing it and then never wearing it again, so everything I sell is pretty much new, which is of course a bonus for most people purchasing from me.

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So selling platforms? I primarily use the app Depop, as I think it is a great platform to really get your items under the nose of a fashion conscious audience. If you’ve never come across Depop before then I really do recommend it, it is kind of a mixture between Instagram & Ebay, but with no auctions just ‘buy it nows’. The great thing is you set your price on Depop, hashtag the listing and then wait for people to come to you, if you don’t get a bite then you know your prices are to high, just start gradually reducing them over the next few days and see where you get. I will use Ebay if I have had items on Depop for a while and they are not budging, list them for 3 days and you are on your way! Good luck selling babes, and remember the more you sell…..the more you can buy :).



Black pinafore jumpsuit – Romwe

Red tee – Elle Est Femme

White trainers – Reebok Classic

My Depop account