My favourite t-shirt brand & selling your old clothes to fund new ones!

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Outfit deets for you babes, first let’s just appreciate the coolness (totally not a word) of this jumpsuit/pinafore (whatever it is), I wanted to style this in a casual way as soon as I saw it, but it would also look amazing worn in an office, with heels & a flute sleeve white shirt. This tee is pretty much my favourite thing I own at the minute, if you’ve not heard of the brand Elle Est Femme then check them out babes, the quality of the tees is insane, you can honestly see and feel the quality of the material. I know this is so boring but they also wash so well, I hate it when you get a brand-new tee and the print fades after only one wash! Elle Est Femme offer the coolest pro-women slogan tees, I’m sold!

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So how do you afford all of the clothes you buy? Thats often a question I get from people (mainly my Dad!) but I can tell you exactly how I do this. I sell the ones I don’t want anymore or have worn once or twice, and know I won’t wear again. The quicker you can do this after purchasing the items the better, as in more money you’ll make from the piece of clothing. As I am a blogger I am notorious for wearing something once, photographing it and then never wearing it again, so everything I sell is pretty much new, which is of course a bonus for most people purchasing from me.

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So selling platforms? I primarily use the app Depop, as I think it is a great platform to really get your items under the nose of a fashion conscious audience. If you’ve never come across Depop before then I really do recommend it, it is kind of a mixture between Instagram & Ebay, but with no auctions just ‘buy it nows’. The great thing is you set your price on Depop, hashtag the listing and then wait for people to come to you, if you don’t get a bite then you know your prices are to high, just start gradually reducing them over the next few days and see where you get. I will use Ebay if I have had items on Depop for a while and they are not budging, list them for 3 days and you are on your way! Good luck selling babes, and remember the more you sell…..the more you can buy :).



Black pinafore jumpsuit – Romwe

Red tee – Elle Est Femme

White trainers – Reebok Classic

My Depop account

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