Pastels for spring

Ok, ok, so pastels in spring are not ground breaking, however I am totally into this trend this year. I wouldn’t even say I am usually a pastely person, however the high street is killing it at the minute. I also think when its still grey and cold outside, its trend to lift spirits and get you excited for spring. I mean don’t get me wrong I am still going to be wearing them with my trusty beige, cream, black and navy.

Check out some of my favourite pastel items on the high street;

  1. Nobody’s Child – lilac jumper

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 19.55.48

2. Topshop pink satin midi skirt

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 19.58.22

3. Nasty Gal – pastel green trench coat

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 20.02.40

4. Topshop – lilac faux fur coat 

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 20.06.04

5. River Island – pastel pink jeans

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 20.09.16

6. Mango – pink blazer (in the sale!!)

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 20.21.00

Grace xx


My white wish-list from Shein

There is no hiding my absolute obsession with all things white at the minute, so I wanted to go show you my fav white items from Shein, I hope you enjoy.




The white shirt will never go out of fashion

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I absolutely adore an oversized white shirt, especially when it has the added details of this Shein white linen shirt with these beaut big buttons at the front. I actually love an oversized shirt paired with some wide leg trousers, I think the look is so classic and chic. The oversized look is so perfect for every body shape too, also it never hurts to be able to hide the biggest of food babies!

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The great thing about the white shirt is it can be so versatile, in terms of the material it is made out of, linen – perfect for summer, cotton – perfect for the oversized masculine look, or satin – which has such a luxury feel. I also love how the shapes and styles can also vary, and often designer brands have a style of white shirt that epitomise their designs, for example Jacquemus who create the most beautiful ruche shirts and shirt dresses.

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Shirt – Shein

Trousers – (in the sale) H&M

Slides – Topshop

Bag – Kozha Numbers

Some of my other favourite white shirts as below;


Popper boxy cotton shirt – Topshop


Gauzy button down shirt – Topshop


Blouse with broderie anglaise – H&M



Reasons why you don’t have anything to wear!

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Lets just talk about the most beaut comfy sandals ever, from Ipanema at Hervia these guys have just released the most amazing minimal range in collaboration with Philippe Starck,  due to this they are so stylish. I hate to sound like my mum but they also wipe clean, being white this is so important. Also I think everyone needs a ruffle dress for summer, this one is unfortunately from Topshop last year, but I will link some other similar versions below. Also don’t get me started on my straw obsession, straw hats, straw bags, it really does say summer to me.

So I wanted to talk to you guys about why sometimes you may look in your wardrobe and not be able to find anything to wear, honestly you are not alone, this happens to me all of the time;

You don’t invest in basics that fit well

Honestly don’t get me started on this one, I have so many cheap white t-shirts that don’t fit properly or go out of shape so quickly. Soooo many jeans that are too tight, pinch me in weird places, are badly made and just not fit for purpose anyway you look at it! I think the amount of money I must have spent on rubbish items over the years, but so many of them, that I could have spent the same amount of money on an amazing items that would have lasted for years! I think the items that I need the most are white t-shirts, the perfect white oversized shirt (linen for the summer), the perfect black and navy trousers and of course jeans, pale ones, blue and black, they will all be going on my shopping list that’s for sure!!

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You have too many clothes

It can be stupidly over whelming when you look into your wardrobe and just see a mass of clothes, unorganised and staring back at you, how would you be able to see what to wear? The good stuff in hidden underneath everything else! Only keep things that you absolutely adore and really do bring you joy, sell everything else or give it to charity.

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Don’t know what goes together – Hang your clothes in outfits

This is something that I am despite to try, especially for my work outfits, because I cannot be bothered on a Monday morning to think crap, what shirt goes with these trousers etc. Also if you know a combination works well and you felt great in it then remember it for later. This task also helps you find holes in your wardrobe that you might not have spotted before, like you have tons of tops but nothing to go with them.

Thanks for reading



White sandals – Ipanema at Hervia

Ruffle dress options, here, here, here

Straw bag – Bohemia Design

Straw hat – sold out – similar ASOS


Where I get my fashion inspiration

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Right now I am so obsessed with nudes, whether that is in the form of a t-shirt/jumper or trousers, in fact if you guys follow me on Instagram you’ll see my perfect nude flared trousers from Mango. When I first saw this draped nude top from Romwe I loved it, and knew instantly that I wanted to pair it with a pair of trousers with a similar tone. It is also quite a dressy outfit, so I dressed everything down with pair good old Stan Smith trainers & a fluffy white jacket from Topshop.

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So I just wanted to let you know how and where I get my weekly (often daily) dose of fashion inspiration. Of course there is no surprise that my absolute favourite place to find inspo is Instagram. I have go to accounts that I will check usually on a daily basis such as @deborarosa who really is my number one style icon, @pepamack giving me all of the minimalist inspo I need & @wethepeoplestyle who is never predictable in her style and I absolutely adore that.

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I travel down to London on the train quite a bit for work, and I love to buy a Vogue magazine (and this is getting really old school now) and a pen and mark all of the bits in the magazine that really make me excited. What I love about this is it can be anything, hair styles, make-up, and when you really feel like you have no idea what to wear it’s great to revisit the magazines.



Nude wrap over blouse – Romwe

Nude wide leg trousers – in the sale – H&M

White trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

White shearling jacket – Topshop


My favourite brand – Weekday

I have been into Weekday for a while now, I am absolutely obsessed with the really staple items that they offer, along with some of the more surprising items, and honestly guys the quality is so amazing. Below are some of my absolute favourite items

The most perfect £25 hoody;


The perfect turtle neck sweater;

app003prod (1)

Faux fur coat of dreams;

app003prod (2)

The perfect jeans;

app003prod (3)

Dreamy silky blouse;

app003prod (4)



Taking time to appreciate what we have

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One of my favourite trends this season is corduroy, trousers, jackets, entire suits, literally anything! This cord faux shearling lined jacket from Romwe is so cosy,  I have it in a size medium which is perfect to wear over a thick knit jumper, perfect for the colder months. I am also loving the kick-flare style trousers/jeans that we are seeing all over the high-street at the minute, they are such a flattering style, this version from Missguided is linked below. Then the trusty polo neck, that no winter in the UK can be survived without, and finally the silver boots of dreams, I am pretty sure this silver pair from Zara are sold out, however I will link a similar pair below.

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Sometimes in life we just need to stop what we are doing and appreciate what we have. Often we are so busy, running around, doing all of the things we need to do, like making more money or move along in life. That we don’t stop to appreciate what we have right now, in this moment. I know as a blogger with a full time job, trying to do well in my job along with trying to grow my blog that I am certainly a culprit when it comes to this.

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Now when I wake up in the morning, I take the time to notice and take in the sunrise, instead of just storming downstairs knowing I have things to get ready for work that day. Also to have hugs in the morning with my fiancee and my dog, and to just let myself enjoy that for 10 minutes, without letting my mind wander to the day ahead or to my to do list. Living in the moment is very hard for me as I am such a planner, but I know hoe important it is that I try to best to do this a few times a day. To keep my mind focused, I will be writing down two things a day, just in my phone, that I am appreciative and am grateful for. Whether that is my niece and nephew and their smiles when I come to see them, or how my fiancee always puts me first. Lets take a little time to remember how lucky we are, because I honestly think that is the secret to happiness.



Corduroy and shearling jacket – Romwe

Kick-flare black trousers – Missguided

Silver boots – Sold out – Similar Topshop

Striped polo neck – New Look

Black Friday at Shein

Hi guys, I thought I needed to share with you some of my favourite pieces on Shein, before black Friday hits this coming Friday. Because be in no doubt that there will be some amazing deals to be had!


How not to make mistakes when clothes shopping

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I am so obsessed with anything from Shein at the minute & this checked coat is no different, its such amazing quality and only £25!! Not many high street stores offer such high quality at such a low price, so I have been mega excited to show you guys this coat. There are also lots of different versions of this coat on Shein, which is great if you want to see different options of a specific style of coat, in one place. Also I am so into this 70’s trend we are seeing everywhere at the minute, and this pussy bow blouse from H&M is honestly so perfect, I love how it is so flattering due to the nipped in waist. Then to my staple lace-up black skinny jeans from Topshop &  finished off with the cutest pink mules, also from Topshop.

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Don’t get me wrong I still love going shopping, and not actually planning what I am going to buy, therefore coming away with something unexpected, and as a fashion blogger I think that is important. However to make sure that you do not make a shopping faux-par, and to ensure you actually wear and love every piece you buy, planning is an absolute must. If you guys read my blog regularly then you will know that I absolutely love a list, so what we are going to do is write a list! The first thing I do is go through my wardrobe and look at the pieces I love that may look shabby, maybe broken, or just really need replacing. Then I ask myself these questions, are they staple items in my closet? And will my wardrobe benefit from replenishing them? If so then they go on the list.

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Then I look for any gaps in my wardrobe, do I have lots of bottoms but hardly any tops, or do I have no dresses and would love a few that I could just throw on when I feel I am lacking in creativity. Then I look at my lifestyle, do I need more items that work for the weekend & for my office job in the week, such as more blouses or tailored trousers, if so then they are added to the list. What I also like to do to make sure I really love the item, is find the item online, screen shot it and then add it to a folder, I then revisit these items in two weeks, if I still want them then, then I will buy them. I hope this helps when you go for your next shopping spree babes, because a bit of planning never hurt anyone.



Checked coat – Shein

Pussy bow blue blouse – H&M

Lace-up black skinny jeans –  Newer & better version – Topshop

Pink backless mules – sold out – Similar version Topshop

How to clothes shop on a budget

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Today I want to talk to you guys about how to shop on a budget, and what a perfect place to start with this absolutely gorgeous long puffer coat from Shein it is s so warm, and for the sake of all things budget related is only £28! I also love that it has a hood, I know that sounds very geeky, but so many coats don’t have a hood and I don’t always carry a umbrella around with me. I have been wanting some cord trousers all season, and unfortunately I have not been quick enough to snap them up. However I found this cropped version in Zara, and I love the ring detailing at the front.

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So to shopping on a budget, this I feel I am very good at! Not many people have infinite money and trends change so much, that it is often very hard to keep up, especially as buying lots of different items is often not realistic! So I want to share with you some of my tricks when it comes to shopping  on a budget. So as per the above lovely puffer coat, I want to start with online stores such as Shein and Romwe, they offer really amazing, beautifully made pieces at a fraction of the price of the high street stores, such as Zara or Topshop. The only caveat is that as these stores are based in China, which means you maybe waiting slightly longer for your delivery,  however it is worth the wait if you take into account the money you will save in the long run. The only other thing I would say to be careful with is sizing, these stores are known to have a lot smaller than average sizing (for reference I wear a medium) so always size up.

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Finally another tip is online sellers such as Missguided, Missy Empire, Miss Pap, and Boohoo, which all offer really good, fast fashion and trend lead pieces at bargain prices. what I would say is always aim for the higher priced items on these sites, as you really will get some quality pieces at a smaller cost than anywhere on the high street. Another thing to be aware of is that most of these brands offer out regular discount codes, that you can find on may different voucher sites such as voucher cloud/voucher codes. These discount codes can be as much as 40% off, so its definitely worth a look via Google, before you commit to buying.



Long grey puffer coat – Shein

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Cropped long sleeve floral embroidered top – Topshop

Black sock boots – Sold out – Blue version Topshop