I am 30 years old (could lie, I’m not going to, that’s just sad) which means (obviously) I’m not 21 anymore, and I ain’t no model (sorry mum, I do know that’s not grammatically correct, it’s just for effect) so I hope my style can appeal to literally any women out there, who want a little inspiration, and when don’t we, my favourite pastime is reading the fashion blogs of the gorgeous gals I’ve been following for years. What you’ll see me in the most is dungarees (this is a new thing, but my god I love them!) monochrome & pastels, good vintage denim and the odd floral or two. Plus a little bit of streetwear (yeh I do wear a lot of men’s clothes, lol). Oh and lots of pictures with my yorkshire terrier Ralph, because he’s cute! Also my lovely boyfriend, because he is the clever techy one behind the scenes, who has made this happen, plus he’s pretty stylish (thank god)….. hope you enjoy 🙂