My four key trends for autumn/winter

Hi my loves, I wanted to do a post for a while now on the key trends (in my eyes) for autumn/winter. I am not ashamed to say that I flipping LOVE them. I know there will be lots of other trends that I have missed out, but these are the ones that have really pulled me in and made me want to shop (more than usual and that’s saying something!!).

The 70’s are back



This was always going to be my first trend, because it’s my absolute favourite. I adore the 70’s style pieces that are everywhere on the high street at the minute. It’s all about corduroy, wide legged trousers, flares, platforms, pussy bow blouses. YES PLEASE!!! Above are the most beautiful wide leg corduroy trousers I have ever seen, for only £35! although unfortunately they have completely sold out, so I have my notifications on and I’m waiting for them to come back in, come onnnnn Uniqulo.

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Velvet platform shoes – Zara

Suiting around



I have wanted a checked suit for a while now, but honestly, I could wear any kind of suit in any colour, I am obsessed. I also have a red suit from H&M which you guys may have seen on my Instagram, although my fiancé says it makes me look like I work for Virgin airlines! Whatever suits are cool, whether you wear them with a white tee and a pair of trainers, or dress them up with a silk cami and a pair of heels.

Mustard velvet blazer – Topshop

Mustard velvet trousers – Topshop

Pink velvet blazer – Topshop

Pink velvet trousers – Topshop

Tough love



Lace-up tough looking boots are everywhere at the minute and I adore them. I’ve always loved toughening up a floaty dress with a more substantial boot, and the lace-up versions everywhere on the high street at the minute are perfect. The above platform Dc Martens are my ultimate choice when it comes to the tough boot. Of course, where would we be without the leather biker jacket, however this season it’s about the more over-sized silhouette. This Zara version is amazing, although not real leather the fluffy yellow interior makes up for it.

Oversized faux fur lined biker jacket – Zara

Sparkles, sparkles & more sparkles



I know every year as we get towards the festive period we see sequins & beading all over the high street. However, this year this trend has really got me excited with the addition of chainmail. I’ve seen it in the most gorgeous tops and most recently bags (which I 100% need to invest in!). I’ve also seen the most stunning leggings and fitted top from Gucci in a kind of rhinestone chainmail (so much nicer than it sounds I promise).

Chainmail top – Topshop

Chainmail bag – Topshop

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the key trend for autumn winter, and thanks for reading.



My favourite coats for autumn/winter

I always get really excited when it gets to autumn/winter, and I can really start thinking about what winter coats I want to wear. Although when the cold weather drops I then realise how much I really need the warm weather again, can’t win lol!! However right now I’m still in the excitement period, so I just wanted to share with you guys some of, what I think, are the key styles of coats for this season. With of course, you know I’ll be getting one of each :);

  1. The checked maxi coat

TS07X17MBGE_Zoom_M_2 (1)

I loved the camel maxi coats we saw all over the high street last year, but this year its all about the checked maxi and I flipping love it, this version from Topshop is a little bit pricey at £125 but I honestly think that its worth it as you’ll we wearing it all season.

2. Coloured faux fur


No surprise on the fur coats for this season, but what I love about them this year is it is all about the colours. So not your average browns and muted creams, its all about pinks, blues, yellows. I actually have the above pink version from Topshop, and its so insanely warm, plus I don’t think its a bad price at £79.

3. The aviator


Again I know we saw this style last year, but I think last year veered more towards the faux suede style, where as this year we are looking more of the faux leather styles, which I love so much more. The distinction between the faux leather and the fur is so much easier to see, rather than with the faux suede (if you can understand what I am going on about!).  I love this version from Zara however there are so many cheaper versions on sites such as New Look, PLT and Missguided that are just as nice.

4. Borg/sherling coat


So to my last (and definitely not final, I could go on all day) pick of this seasons coats is the sherling/borg coat. I loveeeeee this style of coat, so warm and comfy, and again although there are lots of neutral coloured borg jackets around, I really am veering towards the coloured brighter versions. This red version from I am Gia a brand I have just discovered and am now obsessed with, is so perfect that I am definitely going to go out and buy this one, I love it!



Knits, silk & being hard on yourself

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I’ve been on a mission to buy as many jumpers as I can recently, in time for the cold weather, and this grey one from Shein is one of my favourites. It is amazing quality, I can’t wait to wear it with some wide legged trousers and heels, it’s also under £16, so great value for money. I love paring a top & bottom piece of a similar colour/tone.  Along with combinations of textures, so this knit grey knit and silk silver skirt are just the perfect combination for me. The skirt gives more of a lux feel to quite an everyday outfit. I don’t need to tell you guys how much of a staple a leather jacket is. I am actually on the lookout for an oversized version as we speak.

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I can be the queen of being hard on myself, its unfortunately a trait that has followed me since school. I feel I need to try as hard as I can and do the best I can, great you say? With this often comes the side effect of then beating yourself up (mentally) when you don’t achieve quite what you thought you would. Especially as you start to do well, whether that is in your job/hobby/family life, I find the better you get at something, and the more it starts to pay off, the harder you are on yourself and the more critical you become of your work.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

I am actually the hardest on myself when it comes to blogging, more than any other aspect of my life. I often look at my bank of pictures, ready to put on Instagram, and I can tear them apart in a matter of minutes. I have to remind myself on a daily basis that blogging is my hobby and it’s supposed to be fun, 90% of the time it is tremendous fun, the 10% of the time it’s not is purely down to me putting pressure on myself and overanalysing everything I do. My aim over the next few weeks is to just try to enjoy it more, it’s not my full-time job, it’s my hobby and I am blessed to be in the position to be able to put so much energy into it. So, my advice to any bloggers out there who are probably being too hard on themselves, remember to enjoy it. Who cares if you get 800 likes or 100 likes on a photo, if you love it then you’ve achieved something, do this for you, nobody else, and if other people appreciate what you do then that’s just a bonus.



Grey knitted jumper – Shein

Silky silver midi skirt – ASOS

Black leather jacket – Sold out – similar Zara

Black ring ankle boots – Zara

Black ‘Marmont’ bag – Gucci


Zara Autumn Wishlist Post

Really wanted to do a Zara wish list post for you guys for some time now. I love Zara in the summer, but I think this brand really comes into its worn in the autumn and we start seeing some of the most beautiful pieces. Here are some of my favourites.

Silver boots & floral tops

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I want to talk about what I’m wearing, but then I kind of don’t, because how cool is our new garden table & benches!! Its a vintage german beer table and benches & its flipping the best thing ever! Anyway back to the clothes! The best bargain silver boots in the world, they were £12 in the sale from Zara, £12!!!! I know they are no longer available but I will link below a similar pair (silver of course).

Processed with VSCO with j3 preset

I also think the main star of the picture is clearly Ralph (who likes the new table as much as we do). I digress again! This floral shirred top from Zara is such a lovely summer top & goes with pretty much everything. I know I’ve said it before but I loved the shirred style tops that are everywhere this season.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

If you’ve not tried the Topshop Jamie jeans then you need too, I think they are the best skinny jeans you can buy on the high street. They have just the right amount of stretch, and are the perfect level of high-waisted.



Shirred floral top – Sold out – similar Zara

Jamie jeans – Topshop

Silver Boots – Sold out – Zara

Shein’s Perfect White Summer Dress

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If you guys have been reading my blog for a while you’ll have seen this little beaut in one of my wish-list posts. I love white broderie anglaise for the summer, and I think this white smock dress from Shein is perfect. What is so great about this dress is it lined from the waist down, so its not see-through at all.

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The UK summers are not always the hottest, so I love pairing a summer dress with ankle boots. These boots are from Zara, and are kind of a sock material, which makes them so comfortable, they also have the coolest ring detail at the back. My bag is this little APC beaut, which I absolutely love.

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Finally a close-up of this little dress which may I add is only £18 (Shein will forever be my fast fashion number one choice). I have been looking for the perfect pair of tassel earrings for what seems like ages, this red version from Topshop are actually amazing.



White broderie anglaise dress – Shein

Black ankle boots – Zara

Black bag – APC

Red tassel earrings – sold out – similar Topshop



Am I allowed to wear a band tee?

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That is the question on many peoples lips…am I allowed to wear a band tee because it looks cool, not because I am really into the band? The answer to that from the die hard fans is probably no. But meh, its really does look cool, plus it was £6 in the Zara sale, and I do actually know who Kiss are, so actually the answer to my own question is yes, definitely :).

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

I love wearing a graphic/band tee with a more smart style of trousers, especially if they are wide leg, I think it is such a good contrast that just works every time. Plus how cute is the frill waistband on these Topshop striped trousers? Topshop pulls it out of the bag every time for me.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

This is probably one of my favourite outfits for a long time, I am going to start a collection of graphic tees/band tees and wide leg trousers, such a perfect combo. Finally the most staple comfortable sandals in the world. They are from the cheaper range of shoes at Topshop, and although they are not leather, they are really nice quality & so comfortable, plus I love the big buckle details.



Kiss band tee – Zara

Wide leg striped trousers – Topshop

Sandals – Topshop

The Romwe wrap top & silver boots

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First of all lets talk about these silver boots, I picked them up this week from Zara in the summer sale for £15.99, yes thats a whole £15.99, what an absolute bargain. Although I do slightly feel like a spaceman they are totally worth it.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

Then we have this beaut of a wrap around top of dreams, from Romwe, I genuinely think it is my favourite top in my summer wardrobe, the quality is amazing. It’s also really flattering, as it nips you in at the waist, I also love the wide but short style of sleeve. This Topshop yellow denim skirt that I have been loving for the past couple of months, because it pretty much goes with everything!

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

Finally the most perfect oversized denim boyfriend fit jacket from Romwe, it was actually a little too warm on this day for being able to properly utilise this jacket properly. I can’t wait to wear it with a little cut-off denim skirt that is the same colour blue and a slogan tee. It’s just a staple that no wardrobe should be without!



Wrap around top – Romwe

Blue Denim Jacket – Romwe

Yellow Denim Skirt – Topshop

Silver Boots – Zara


Stripped Trousers & Band Tees

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I actually full on copied one of my best friends when it comes to this outfit, it was such a copy that I am almost ashamed of it. She wore exactly the same things, but from completely different shops (if you know what I mean) I suppose the only clever thing here is I managed to pretty much recreate the same outfit, but found different items to do this.

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I bought this little cropped band tee from Missguided, and I love how it has a distressed look to it. It wasn’t quite cropped enough for me, so I tied this little knot in the front & I think it works perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

And of course these stripped wide leg gems from Zara, I love these, but I have one problem, they are not quite as long as I thought they would be, and I wanted to wear them with heels for work. But alas this is not to be, flats & and a band tee it is. Also if you haven’t noticed (how could you not) I wear this Gucci belt with literally everything, definitely my best buy of the year.



Band Tee – Missguided

Stripped Wide Leg Trousers – Zara

Belt – Gucci

Sandals – New Look

Body Confidence with Jewel Toned

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Nobody is harder on us than ourselves whether this is in our jobs, our hobbies or the way we look, and for a serial yo-yo dieter I am the number one culprit for being hard on myself when it comes to my body. I recently discovered Jewel Toned a body positive shapewear brand that is not only amazing but mega comfortable.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

What I really love about this brand is how this shapewear, which of course is usually classed as underwear, can become stunning outerwear, meaning that as women, we can make our own rules. I am wearing the Major Mini Dress in Red My Mind and oh my is this dress good, it nips you in just where you might need a little help (especially when you can’t keep your hands off Haribo). I love to style a fitted item with a more flowing oversized piece, so I thought this floral kimono was a perfect combination.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

I can’t count the amount of times I have gone shopping for a plain black strappy body, have I ever been successful in purchasing one I actually like, never! Until this little beauty came along, the Rocking Bodysuit is perfect, I’m not sure how I survived without it! The support this little body offers is honestly amazing.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

As with the red dress I like to wear a fitted item with a more baggy oversized piece, which is why I chose these Zara wide leg striped trousers. Just to let you guys know I have both the dress and the body in a size small (I am a UK size 8/10) and the fit is just right. Who said that shapewear can’t be sexy! Really excited for my next purchase from Jewel Toned they have the most perfect black lace bralet on offer.



Red Dress – Jewel Toned

Black Body – Jewel Toned

Kimono – Stradivarius

Stripped Trousers – Zara