Dealing with anxiety with my health


I love how a trench coat can just transform an outfit, and this one from Nasty Gal does just that. I love the colour as it is a little bit of a darker shade than the ones I already have, plus I love the maxi length so much. Also don’t get me started on this real leather (yes real leather) bumbag from Nasty Gal, (this one has actually sold out but this one here is just as beaut) I can’t believe this is only £20, its such a bargain! Also this black ribbed top also from Nasty Gal is such a staple item in my wardrobe, its great for layering underneath pieces for the lovely UK spring weather that can often be a little cold (although we are seeing lots of sunshine at the minute!!). Then lastly the cutest little checked clueless skirt ever, this little beat is from Topshop & it’s actually the cutest thing ever, plus its mega flattering. As always loves, all items, are linked at the posted of this post.


This is a little bit of a weird one for me to talk about, as although I expect that its quite common, I guess thats its just hard for us that do suffer from a little bit of anxiety to speak about it, or often even admit. I’ve had phases in my life when I’ve suffered from quite a few anxiety attacks (panic attacks) and although I’m sure lots of people would say this, I am honestly not the sort of people to have panic attacks, I am logical, determined, focused and I would say a strong person! But there is one things that seems to affect me and thats my health.

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Again I am a well person there is nothing (touch wood) wrong with me, but man can I worry about it!! I am my own worst enemy though, I love being healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep, but I can get into cycles where I don’t exercise at all, I’m eating terribly (and I don’t mean quantity, I mean I haven’t consumed a vegetable in about 3 weeks!!) and I’m not getting my 8 hours a night. Due to this I feel shit, I don’t just look shit, I feel it and I feel down too, about how I look and also how my body feels. This is when I start feeling anxious again, and I might have a sporadic attacks and I have no idea why (or thats what I think) but I never ever have attacks like this when I am looking after myself. So now I know that this is 100% why, so over the next few weeks  plan to get myself into a much healthier mindset and I know I’ll start to feel better, I’ll keep you updated loves.



Trench coat – Nasty Gal

Button up ribbed black top – Nasty Gal

Black leather bumbag – Nasty Gal sold out – similar here – Nasty Gal

Checked skirt – Topshop

Sock boots – sold out – similar – ASOS



Fashion inspiration or outright copying?

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Firstly outfit details loves, not going to tell any fibs, I am completely and utterly in love with this checked midi skirt from Shein, I mean look at it!! The fit is perfect and its only £19.00! Just remember though babes the sizing is pretty small, I have this in a medium, and I am usually a size 10. You guys know that I love a beret, and I am so obsessed with this cream version from ASOS, I think I actually have 6 berets now, shhh don’t tell anyone!! Then to this white cream roll neck from Nasty Gal that I don’t think I have had off my body since I got it, if you didn’t think you need white ribbed roll neck, then I promise if you get one, you’ll know you did, lol! Finally the most perfect basket bag and white boots.

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So I keep seeing a lot of posts about bloggers copying other bloggers and it causing lots of upset, this topic really does seem to be a topic of interest in the world of Instagram, and fashion blogging at the minute. Online I have seen bloggers not only copying exact outfits, but also down to the exact poses, locations and even captions. I mean don’t get me wrong this is fundamentally not right, as a blogger f you have spent your time and energy building up your style, brand and blog then this should not be copied so obviously as I have seen it done by some.

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The thing is because of all of the stories in the media around blogging and copying, it can make you so fearful and honestly take the fun out of fashion blogging, worried that because you saw this shirt or trousers on someone else that you are copying! Blogging is supposed to be fun, nothing is truly unique or new anyway, so don’t beat yourself up for taking inspiration from other stylish gals. Surely this is part of what Instagram is here for? I love it when I get contacted by girls who tell me that are buying something because they saw me wearing it, surely for me (and the brands I represent) that is a job well done! Don’t take yourself too seriously, if you are a blogger or not, don’t let others scare you into worrying you are copying (unless you are the second paragraph of this blog post – then you probably are!). Do what you need to do, take inspiration and have fun!



Cream roll neck top – Nasty Gal

Checked button side midi skirt – Shein

Cream beret – ASOS

White boots – sold out – similar Public Desire 

Basket bag – sold out – similar Topshop


2018 resolutions and why I totally believe in them

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Clueless vibes you say? Hell yeah! I know we see the check/plaid vibe come around on a yearly basis, but this is a trend I will continue to love, year after year. I also love this staple black jumper from Romwe I adore the lantern sleeves, also as the jumper itself is not too oversized, it is very easy to tuck into a skirt or pair of jeans without looking too bulky. Also guys its a total bargain at only £22!!

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Although I do not technically believe in ‘new year’s’ resolutions, as I think it is important to set goals and challenges through the year. However I do think the new year is the perfect new start to really think about what you want to achieve in the coming year. I am a serial goal setter, and I honestly think that I wouldn’t be where I am if I wasn’t.

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So what are my goals for the new year;

    1. Put my health first – I am a such a yoyo dieter, and it really frustrates me that I am like this! A person of extremes, one minute I am extremely regimented and get really upset with myself if I do the smallest thing ‘wrong’ the next I am eating Mcdonalds 3 times a day. So in 2018 I want to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle, not depriving myself of anything but making sure a am putting goodness into my body on a daily basis & exercising as much as I can, without going over the top.
    2. Save for our wedding –  I am terrible with money and even worse at saving, but in 2018 I fully intend to save hard so we have the wedding of our dreams in 2019. Even if this means a slightly smaller wardrobe (only slightly) and no summer holiday (rubbish but necessary)
    3. Grow my blog/social following – after nearly a year of blogging again I have absolutely loved it, and worked with some wonderful people and brands along the way. In 2018 I want to redesign the blog and carry on doing what I’m doing now, with the same amount of passion and love.
    4. Look after my hair – ok so you might not think this is big enough to go on this list, but man my hair has been through some shiz in 2017, bleach, pink dyes etc, it needs a real break. Its dry and very very damaged, so back to brown and lots of hair masks and trims, and as little heat on it as I can manage, so that 2019 is a better hair year for me.
    5. Spend quality time with my fiance, family & friends –  I am absolutely awful at getting very easily distracted, whether its by my phone or something I am thinking about. In 2018 when I am with my loved ones I want to be there with them, every second, not in my head or on my phone, thinking about my to do list. It’s so important to be in the moment as much as possible, and to really feel the joy of every moment.
    6. Grow professionallyoutside of blogging I am a digital project manager, and I absolutely love my job. For me in my job I intend to learn and grow on a daily basis, whether that is with classroom training/courses, or whether that is learning from my highly skilled and experienced colleagues on a daily basis.





And that’s it really babes, take some time to write down your goals, because if nothing else it’s extremely cathartic, and I really do think it sets you on track for a positive year.



Black lantern sleeve jumper – Romwe

Checked mini skirt – Sold out in this colour, different colour – Topshop

Leather boots – Topshop

Bag – APC