Black Friday at Shein

Hi guys, I thought I needed to share with you some of my favourite pieces on Shein, before black Friday hits this coming Friday. Because be in no doubt that there will be some amazing deals to be had!


How not to make mistakes when clothes shopping

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I am so obsessed with anything from Shein at the minute & this checked coat is no different, its such amazing quality and only £25!! Not many high street stores offer such high quality at such a low price, so I have been mega excited to show you guys this coat. There are also lots of different versions of this coat on Shein, which is great if you want to see different options of a specific style of coat, in one place. Also I am so into this 70’s trend we are seeing everywhere at the minute, and this pussy bow blouse from H&M is honestly so perfect, I love how it is so flattering due to the nipped in waist. Then to my staple lace-up black skinny jeans from Topshop &  finished off with the cutest pink mules, also from Topshop.

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Don’t get me wrong I still love going shopping, and not actually planning what I am going to buy, therefore coming away with something unexpected, and as a fashion blogger I think that is important. However to make sure that you do not make a shopping faux-par, and to ensure you actually wear and love every piece you buy, planning is an absolute must. If you guys read my blog regularly then you will know that I absolutely love a list, so what we are going to do is write a list! The first thing I do is go through my wardrobe and look at the pieces I love that may look shabby, maybe broken, or just really need replacing. Then I ask myself these questions, are they staple items in my closet? And will my wardrobe benefit from replenishing them? If so then they go on the list.

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Then I look for any gaps in my wardrobe, do I have lots of bottoms but hardly any tops, or do I have no dresses and would love a few that I could just throw on when I feel I am lacking in creativity. Then I look at my lifestyle, do I need more items that work for the weekend & for my office job in the week, such as more blouses or tailored trousers, if so then they are added to the list. What I also like to do to make sure I really love the item, is find the item online, screen shot it and then add it to a folder, I then revisit these items in two weeks, if I still want them then, then I will buy them. I hope this helps when you go for your next shopping spree babes, because a bit of planning never hurt anyone.



Checked coat – Shein

Pussy bow blue blouse – H&M

Lace-up black skinny jeans –  Newer & better version – Topshop

Pink backless mules – sold out – Similar version Topshop

How to clothes shop on a budget

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Today I want to talk to you guys about how to shop on a budget, and what a perfect place to start with this absolutely gorgeous long puffer coat from Shein it is s so warm, and for the sake of all things budget related is only £28! I also love that it has a hood, I know that sounds very geeky, but so many coats don’t have a hood and I don’t always carry a umbrella around with me. I have been wanting some cord trousers all season, and unfortunately I have not been quick enough to snap them up. However I found this cropped version in Zara, and I love the ring detailing at the front.

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So to shopping on a budget, this I feel I am very good at! Not many people have infinite money and trends change so much, that it is often very hard to keep up, especially as buying lots of different items is often not realistic! So I want to share with you some of my tricks when it comes to shopping  on a budget. So as per the above lovely puffer coat, I want to start with online stores such as Shein and Romwe, they offer really amazing, beautifully made pieces at a fraction of the price of the high street stores, such as Zara or Topshop. The only caveat is that as these stores are based in China, which means you maybe waiting slightly longer for your delivery,  however it is worth the wait if you take into account the money you will save in the long run. The only other thing I would say to be careful with is sizing, these stores are known to have a lot smaller than average sizing (for reference I wear a medium) so always size up.

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Finally another tip is online sellers such as Missguided, Missy Empire, Miss Pap, and Boohoo, which all offer really good, fast fashion and trend lead pieces at bargain prices. what I would say is always aim for the higher priced items on these sites, as you really will get some quality pieces at a smaller cost than anywhere on the high street. Another thing to be aware of is that most of these brands offer out regular discount codes, that you can find on may different voucher sites such as voucher cloud/voucher codes. These discount codes can be as much as 40% off, so its definitely worth a look via Google, before you commit to buying.



Long grey puffer coat – Shein

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Cropped long sleeve floral embroidered top – Topshop

Black sock boots – Sold out – Blue version Topshop


Favourite fashion brand – I.AM.GIA

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been desperate to find a new cool clothing brand, and I’ve found it! I.AM.GIA is somewhere between streetwear, and really current on trend looks. I love the mixture of crop tops, wide leg trousers, cuffed trousers and ring detailing. Although this is not the most affordable brand, its certainly not expensive, plus if you subscribe to their email marketing campaign you receive 10% off, win!! Here are some of my favourite looks, enjoy babes;

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Lace-up nude crop top – I.AM.GIA

Nude cuffed trousers – I.AM.GIA


Button up white crop top – I.AM.GIA

Wide leg striped trousers – I.AM.GIA


Cropped pink checked top – I.AM.GIA

Pink checked high waisted skirt – I.AM.GIA





My four key trends for autumn/winter

Hi my loves, I wanted to do a post for a while now on the key trends (in my eyes) for autumn/winter. I am not ashamed to say that I flipping LOVE them. I know there will be lots of other trends that I have missed out, but these are the ones that have really pulled me in and made me want to shop (more than usual and that’s saying something!!).

The 70’s are back



This was always going to be my first trend, because it’s my absolute favourite. I adore the 70’s style pieces that are everywhere on the high street at the minute. It’s all about corduroy, wide legged trousers, flares, platforms, pussy bow blouses. YES PLEASE!!! Above are the most beautiful wide leg corduroy trousers I have ever seen, for only £35! although unfortunately they have completely sold out, so I have my notifications on and I’m waiting for them to come back in, come onnnnn Uniqulo.

Cord cropped trousers – Zara

Velvet platform shoes – Zara

Suiting around



I have wanted a checked suit for a while now, but honestly, I could wear any kind of suit in any colour, I am obsessed. I also have a red suit from H&M which you guys may have seen on my Instagram, although my fiancé says it makes me look like I work for Virgin airlines! Whatever suits are cool, whether you wear them with a white tee and a pair of trainers, or dress them up with a silk cami and a pair of heels.

Mustard velvet blazer – Topshop

Mustard velvet trousers – Topshop

Pink velvet blazer – Topshop

Pink velvet trousers – Topshop

Tough love



Lace-up tough looking boots are everywhere at the minute and I adore them. I’ve always loved toughening up a floaty dress with a more substantial boot, and the lace-up versions everywhere on the high street at the minute are perfect. The above platform Dc Martens are my ultimate choice when it comes to the tough boot. Of course, where would we be without the leather biker jacket, however this season it’s about the more over-sized silhouette. This Zara version is amazing, although not real leather the fluffy yellow interior makes up for it.

Oversized faux fur lined biker jacket – Zara

Sparkles, sparkles & more sparkles



I know every year as we get towards the festive period we see sequins & beading all over the high street. However, this year this trend has really got me excited with the addition of chainmail. I’ve seen it in the most gorgeous tops and most recently bags (which I 100% need to invest in!). I’ve also seen the most stunning leggings and fitted top from Gucci in a kind of rhinestone chainmail (so much nicer than it sounds I promise).

Chainmail top – Topshop

Chainmail bag – Topshop

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the key trend for autumn winter, and thanks for reading.



Biker boots and setting new goals

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Pleated yellow midi skirts and lace-up biker boots, I flipping think so! I am so into this girly gone bad contrasting look, that we are seeing everywhere at the minute. This skirt and boots combo is exactly what I am talking about, a little bit girly, a little bit edgy. Plus this cut-off sweater from Zara, is an absolute staple that Zara will bring out year after year and I will (of course) keep wearing year after year.

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I love the hope of the new year, and all of the goal setting, and list writing possibilities it brings (for those of you that know me, will know that I love a list!) however this year I want to do things differently. No waiting around until New Year’s Eve, I’m setting my goals now. I am naturally a goal setter, and it really helps me to clear my mind, but I wouldn’t set that I achieve the goals I set that regularly and this frustrates me! Are my goals too unrealistic, are my milestones too unachievable? I actually think it is both of those things, but also so much more, so what am I going to do differently?

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Firstly I am going to visualise my goals, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to t end goal if you can’t see visualise what you are trying to achieve. So if you are trying to lose weight, cut a picture out of a magazine to motivate yourself on your journey. Making yourself accountable in my experience is hugely important. So I want to get fitter, and the best way for me to do this as a blogger & Instagrammer is to make myself accountable on my Instagram stories, tell my followers what I will be doing, and ask them for encouragement when I am struggling. Make yourself accountable to your friends and family, when you tell people, they will do all they can to help & encourage you. The next step is to break your goals down, of course as a blogger I want to grow and develop my blog, but getting to my end goal may seem massive and unachievable, so what should I do? Break this goal down to manageable bite sized pieces and set milestones. It is so much easier to visualise where you need to go and what you need to achieve, if you can see the steps in between, and also the sense of achievement when you hit each milestone. I hope this helps & I am now genuinely off to write my new goals, wish me luck!



Yellow pleated midi skirt – Mango

Cropped black sweater – sold out – similar Zara

Lace-up Boots – Pretty Little Thing

Popper trousers & the 90’s trend

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First and foremost, this brown knitted bargain of a jumper, from Romwe, is the comfiest thing I own, I love it tucked into the waist band of these trousers. So popper trousers….i’m not going to lie but I actually wore these style of trousers the first time around (totally revealing my age!). A pair of Nike side popper trousers from the men’s second, at 13 I was clearly so fashion forward (or so I thought) that they hadn’t managed to filter into the women’s section yet. From what I remember I wore them with an oversized vintage red Reebok sweater (some kind of sports luxe) and my favourite pair of Adidas trainers. Funny how these trousers have come back around, and even funnier that 18 years later I am wearing them again!!!

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So what 90’s styles am I loving at the minute and what do I think you carry into this season, no matter your age or style. Remember you don’t have to take these styles to the absolute extreme, aka full blown Clueless looks (an amazing 90’s film if you’ve never seen it). Crop tops – I am not going to lie I’ve been obsessed with crop tops since I was 12 years old, how to make this work? Go for a slightly less cropped style that meets the waist band, of a pair of tailored high-waisted trousers, the absolute perfect combo. Hoop earrings – I am loving the fine oversized hoops we are seeing all over the high street at the minute, they work perfectly for both day and night.

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Heavy duty boots – I’m talking Dr Martens, studded lace-up platform boots, any kind of flat platform boots you can think of are absolutely on trend at the minute. To make this style more wearable, pair with a pleated midi skirt or a floaty midi dress, honestly the juxtaposition makes this such a cool look. Checked skirts – I posted a little pleated checked skirt recently on my Instagram from Topshop, and it’s the cutest thing ever, wear a little checked skirt with a pair of coloured ankle boots & a plain roll neck number, to look more on trend and less Clueless. Dungarees – to be fair, this is a style that I have been obsessed with year on year and every season, again for this season pair with a fitted roll neck jumper and some backless mules. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the 90’s style as much as I do.



Brown knitted jumper – Romwe

Side popper trousers – Missy Empire

Platform Stan Smith trainers – Adidas – Via Office