What camera I use and how I edit my pictures


Soooo many brands and amazing pieces of clothes to talk about here, first lets talk about this gorgeous tee from The Lucky Club 1, you guys know that I have been into streetwear since the dawn of time 2, this nude colour is actually my fav colour at the minute and I think around 50% of my current wardrobe is actually this colour 3, I am obsessed with the quote on the back, I genuinely think that with a positive mindset you can do anything! Check the guys out at The Lucky Club because its such a cool brand, plus this tee was only £25 which is a mega bargain.

Then to this beaut of a basket bag from an awesome brand called Hers Wave, so so so into anything straw or wicker at the minute as we move into spring/summer, and the circular shape of this bag is so good. I have the Cinque Terre bag in the large size, with the white strap. I actually took it to Marrakech last month, and its so easy to carry around, and actually fits in way more than you think. Hers Wave have so many other different varieties of basket bag that I am so desperate to try, to check them out loves.

Well did you ever see such a perfect suit? Absolutely flipping not! This gorgeous thing is from Dorothy Perkins & you guys know I have a real love for DP at the minute. The colour is so perfect for spring/summer and the fit of both the jacket and the trousers are amazing. I have this in a size 10 too babes and its perfect, I possibly could have sized down on the trousers, but I’ve certainly not got time for tight trousers!!! Remember loves all items are directly linked at the bottom of this post.


So in yesterdays Instagram story I asked my lovely followers to send me over some questions that they would like me to answer, and I would do a Q&A blog post. But actually most questions I got were what camera I use, and how I edit my pictures, so I have changed by blog post to reflect this.

  1. What camera do you use for your amazing pics

Firstly thanks so much lovely, I find as a blogger it can be very hard to find good backgrounds and make your pictures as ‘good’ as you possibly can. A decent camera does help, but I do also use my iPhone 8 plus camera for some of my pictures, as it really does create quite decent quality images, especially in low light where some cameras might struggle. The camera I currently use is a Canon EOS M10 the images this camera produces are really good, but I think the best thing about it is it really is quite compact, and you still have the ability to change the lens like a DLSR if you want something different. Its also pretty affordable at around £350, unlike a DLSR which can be £650- £950.

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2. How do you edit your pictures and what apps do you use

So I have been using VSCO for years and I absolutely love it. I am not always the most technical of people and when I first started using the filters on the VSCO app I didn’t realise that you had the ability to turn down the intensity of the filter, so for a few months I had the very strong filter that make everything look SO white, luckily I fake tan, but when there was pic of me and my fiancee against a white wall, blink and you’d miss him (we remembered this the other day and laughed for about half an hour)!! So currently I use the filter J1 and turn it down to around 3.6, and the I often use the affects on the app Afterlight, such as the light leak and the dusty affect. I have soooo much to learn on editing pics as I wouldn’t say it is my strong point. however that is why I love reading posts like this from other bloggers.



Nude graphic tee – The Lucky Club 

Wicker round bag – Hers Wave

Rose suit trousers – Dorothy Perkins 

Rose suit jacket – Dorothy Perkins 

Platform trainers – Fila C/O Office


Favourite fashion brand – I.AM.GIA

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been desperate to find a new cool clothing brand, and I’ve found it! I.AM.GIA is somewhere between streetwear, and really current on trend looks. I love the mixture of crop tops, wide leg trousers, cuffed trousers and ring detailing. Although this is not the most affordable brand, its certainly not expensive, plus if you subscribe to their email marketing campaign you receive 10% off, win!! Here are some of my favourite looks, enjoy babes;

5B2A9883_2048x2048 (1)

Lace-up nude crop top – I.AM.GIA

Nude cuffed trousers – I.AM.GIA


Button up white crop top – I.AM.GIA

Wide leg striped trousers – I.AM.GIA


Cropped pink checked top – I.AM.GIA

Pink checked high waisted skirt – I.AM.GIA





The co-ord disguising itself as a jumpsuit

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I know you guys have probably seen these trousers before, but ohhhhhh they have a matching top! Topshop are so good at this, they suck you in with the bottom half and then go in with the top half. I love how when you wear them together it looks like jumpsuit.

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My favourite part is definitely the top I love the wrap over style and the exaggerated sleeves. Plus its all so stretchy, I think I go on about stretch way more than I should when I talk about clothes, but who doesn’t love to be able to eat the worlds biggest burger in comfort…lol.

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My love for these slip on satin shoes from Ego goes on, they are so comfy and it doesn’t matter how many times you get caught in the rain with them, they don’t seem to get ruined! Lets not ignore the Gucci Marmont, its a regular, by why wouldn’t it be!



Spotty plisse wrap around style top – Sold out – Topshop

Spotty plisse trousers – Topshop

Slip on shoes – Sold out – similar Ego

Handbag – Gucci Marmont

An Orange Suit in Paris


So this is the big engagement night suit, yes of course I was leaning toward a dress but I really wanted something completely different and this suit was that perfect thing for me. I love the a-line style of the skirt because it really is so flattering. I think that Topshop offer some of the best co-ords on the high-street at the minute (I have my eye on a white lace number), although they are more on the pricey side.

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I wore this orange beaut with this sheet mesh top from ASOS, I think it may possibly be sold out now, but I will link something as similar as I can below. I think wearing the jacket covers you up quite a bit, so its ok to combine it with a bit of mesh, oh and of course a black lace bralet.

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Lastly to my accessories, this little black clutch from Whistles, which honestly everyone should own, it is the most useful and gorgeous little clutch ever, and these Missguided strappy shoes, which I know I’ve worn on the blog before, but look now good they are :).



Orange Suit Jacket – Topshop

Orange Suit Skirt – Topshop

Mesh Top – Sold Out – Similar ASOS

Black Clutch – Whistles

Black Strappy Sandals – Missguided


The Summer Off the Shoulder Two-Piece of Dreams

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Yeh yeh I know, this two piece is AMAZING, from a brand I have only just discovered Narlaka and if there was ever a piece that is totally me then this is it! I am usually scared of white shorts (big bum syndrome, it’s not actually an illness, it’s just have a big bum, lol) and I will shy away from anything white on my bottom half, especially shorts, but honestly guys these shorts are so  flattering! They have made me re-think how I feel about shorts in general, dramatic I know, but true! I also love the tassels and the drawstring detail, for me Narlaka has really nailed this piece.

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We’ve got to talk about the top, this is certainly going to be a stable part of my summer wardrobe, it would look gorgeous with wide leg trousers or a high-waisted embroidered skirt (my two bottom halves of choice at the minute). The lace detailing, the off the shoulder style, what more is there to love? You are definitely going to see me wearing this top on Instagram in lots of different ways, over the next couple of months.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

Really happy I discovered Narlaka and currently have this gorgeous and staple black wrap dress which will see you right through the summer on my wish list, along with this beaut of a play-suit of which I am completely obsessed with the unusual print. Oh and did I mention this item’s are so crazy affordable, and you guys know I love a bargain.



White off the shoulder top

White drawstring shorts