My favourite checked trousers and my quest for the perfect capsule wardrobe

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These trousers are soooooo flipping good, the perfect checked trousers for this season. Of course, they are from my fast fashion favs Shein, and if you look on my Instagram you’ll see the matching blazer, a co-ord made in heaven. I love dressing down a statement pair of trousers with a graphic tee, like this Aaliyah tee from Urban Outfitters, and a good pair of Vans. Also as we move into winter there is nothing better than a staple black faux fur coat.

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I don’t know about you babes but I feel like I’ve been on the quest for the most perfect capsule wardrobe for years. The thing is I forget about this quest on a regular basis and carry on buying the same low quality seasonal fashion pieces I have been buying for years! The thing is, I have read so much about how to create a capsule wardrobe, but everyone says you need this amount of clothes, that amount blah blah! What I want is a section of clothes in my wardrobe that are amazing quality, fit amazingly and go with absolutely everything I own, plus last me for years. This I do not have!

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So what’s my plan? A hugeeeee clear out, what doesn’t give me joy? What fits weirdly or annoys me every time I wear it? Then I am going to give myself two weeks to see how it feels living with less clothes, and what I feel like I’m really missing. Do I have too many bottoms and not enough tops? Do I need more work shoes? More weekend shoes? I think you also need to make sure you are being truthful will yourself in regard to your wardrobe and your lifestyle. For example, I work in an office where the dress code is smart casual, but mainly smart. Therefore, it’s important that I have a wardrobe where at least 70% of it can work for the office as being as being dressed up/dressed down for the weekend. So the quest is on babes, clear out first then I’ll let you know my next steps, wish me look!!



Checked trousers – Shein

Aaliyah t-shirt – sold out – similar Topshop

Trainers – Vans

Faux Fur Jacket – Sold out – similar ASOS

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