3 things I wish I’d said to my 20 year old self

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I am so obsessed with anything knitwear from Romwe at the minute & this yellow dreamy jumper is no different. I love the oversized fit and as always a roll neck. I love pairing quite an oversized jumper with wide legged trousers, and these black ones from H&M are my absolute favourites. Then the classic white trainer, is there anymore perfect shoe for a capsule wardrobe? I think not!!

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I have a 15 year old sister, and as soon as she was born she changed my life, because of the age difference between us, she has always been more like a surrogate daughter than a little sister. There is not much I wouldn’t do for that girl, to make sure she is happy in life. However there is one thing I can and will do. As a 30 year old I fully understand and embrace popular culture, social media, all of these things that are now so prominent in our lives. 10 years ago they were of course less entwined within our everyday life, but the themes are still same. So this is what I would tell my 20 year old self, my 15 year old sister and anyone else who wants to listen.

  1. Love yourself for being you – As young adults, man can you guys be hard on yourself! I was exactly the same at your age and with the rise of social media it’s so much harder for you guys to step away from the idealistic view of the world we are served on a daily basis. Imagine the amount of time we could put into our own self love, if only we used the time we take to beat ourselves up,and tell ourselves we are not good enough. There will always be someone prettier, more intelligent, richer, but you are you, kind, passionate, thoughtful, loving and there is only one of you. Spend time with your friends and family and people who bring you joy and make you feel wonderful everyday. And do not criticise the way you look or your body, look after yourself and love your differences as they make you, you. This image you see in the magazines, Instagram is not real, how can you even aspire to something that is fake? Clothes and beauty are fun but thats all they are, family, friends love are everything.


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  1. Work hard – In your 20’s you have the world at your feet and your whole future ahead of you. Take this time to decide what you want to do and work hard to get there. Whether this is in business or an apprenticeship (which I genuinely think are the best things ever, by the way) or a more creative role. At 20 I fell into marketing, although I felt my role at the time wasn’t my calling I worked hard within the industry and am now in a role that I love, and I know is perfect for me.
  2. Look after yourself – At university, I never ate vegetables, barely ate fruit and very rarely exercised. As your bodies are young they can take this treatment, but you really will feel better if you look after yourself. We all get into ruts where we eat badly for a few weeks, and realise we have put nothing green into our bodies for a while. If you eat well your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel healthier, with more energy and positivity than you can imagine.

I hoped that helped my loves, and remember it takes time to become who you imagined you be, it took me 30 years, but the journey to get there will make you who you are.




Mustard knitted jumper – Romwe

Wide leg black trousers – Sold out – Similar- H&M

Platform white trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Bag – APC

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