Beautiful Doorways and Palace

Kensington London, probably can’t get a more monochrome beautiful place for blog/Instagram shots, always certain to make your outfit pop.

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Little bit of street wear today, Palace skateboards (along with Supreme…of course) are one of my favourite street wear brands, not as hard to get hold of as Supreme (unless you want a tri ferg logo tee/hoody, you gotta be quick, and lucky!) I actually got this top in a men’s large and I love how over-sized it is, wouldn’t have been the same if I got a medium so I’m happy about that. If I can get hold of it Palace tees and hoodies are 100% on my wishlist, maybe even a tri ferg one day 🙂

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These Urban Outfitters grey trousers are such a useful staple, along with the Zara black leather biker jacket. About leather jackets, I am the world’s pickiest person when its comes to this type of jacket, they are always too long, too cropped, weird quilting on the arms, but this is perfect. The length is just right, not too cropped, not too long and the details (zips on the sleeves/pockets) make it look a lot more expensive than it actually was. Also I got a medium, I’m an 8/10 and I needed it to be slightly bigger, to be able to get it on top of a knit or hoodie.

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Of course it’s my Dr Martens again….you gotta get yo-self some, classic chunky brogues that will literally ever break or wear, they are practically indestructible!



Leather Jacket – Zara

Grey Trousers – Sold Out – Pink Version (I like these more!!)

Top – Palace – (no stock as yet, new drop coming soon)

Shoes – Dr Martens



Fluffy Coats and Monochrome


Honestly though, what is warmer than a fur coat? (not real fur, ain’t nobody got time for that) this black Topshop version is no exception, and it looks cool with pretty much anything. I like dressing it down the most with a pair of jeans or tailored trousers and some trainers, I love the contrast of something that could be determined as dressy with more casual items.

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Everyone should own a pair of black Nikes (biased I know, I clearly have some on my feet) I’ve loved the Air Max 90’s for years. Probably a pit weird but I like how they have more of a raised heel than most trainers, kind of like an acceptable trainer heel (totally not a thing, lol).

Topped the look off with a pair of ASOS black tailored trousers, a ASOS black leather waist belt and a cropped white Missguided tee. Simple but effective for a day walking around the city, when the tube means your coat is off and on more times than a jack in a box!


Not to forget my APC baby, what a beaut this is, a real investment and definitely going to love it forever 🙂

Grace x

Coat – ASOS – Similar

Bag – APC

Trainers – ASOS – Similar

Trousers – ASOS – Similar

T-shirt – Missguided – Similar

Belt – ASOS

Dungarees and a Yorkshire Terrier

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I like clothes a lot (yeah, yeah fashion blogger, we’d never have guessed). I believe you get dressed in the morning and decide who you want to be for that day. Some days I just want to wear my trainers, favourite gym leggings and the biggest hoody I can find, minimal make-up (never no make-up, are you crazy!) those are my mega casual days, but probably my favourite days of all. Yet other days I want to wear the dress I have been saving and my best make-up (yeah, I do have going-out make-up and work make-up, you should try it, it’s a real penny saver). What I am trying to say, is what you wear can and will boost your confidence, and make you feel like you are ready to tackle the world! So that’s my rationale as to why I MUST buy that very expensive handbag I have been wanting for the last few months…lol. On a serious this is why I want to blog, to show you guys a little of what I wear and who I am, and hopefully I’ll gain a little support along the way.

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My Style – I am 30 years old (could lie, I’m not going to, that’s just sad) which means (obviously) I’m not 21 anymore, and I ain’t no model (sorry mum, I do know that’s not grammatically correct, it’s just for effect) so I hope my style can appeal to literally any women out there, who want a little inspiration, and when don’t we, my favourite pastime is reading the fashion blogs of the gorgeous gals I’ve been following for years. What you’ll see me in the most is dungarees (this is a new thing, but my god I love them!) monochrome & pastels, good vintage denim and the odd floral or two. Plus a little bit of streetwear (yeah I do wear a lot of men’s clothes, lol). Oh and lots of pictures with my yorkshire terrier Ralph, because he’s cute! Also my lovely boyfriend, because he is the clever techie one behind the scenes, who has made this happen, plus he’s pretty stylish (thank god)….. hope you enjoy 🙂

Dungarees – ASOS

Top – Topshop – Similar

Shoes – Dr Marten

Dog – Ralph 🙂