Embroidered sweaters and blogging with a full-time job

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As you guys know I like to talk outfit first, then get to the deep stuff :). I love the embroidered sweater trend we saw all over the high-street last year and I’m happy to say its back, yeay! This version from Romwe is just the perfect amount of embroidered for me, and the quality is amazing, especially for the bargain price. If I can recommend one type of denim it will be a vintage pair of Levi mom jeans, you will never not love them. I’ve had these for years and I still love them as much as the first day I bought them. Of course, they are ‘do it yourself’ rips, which look better and better over time.

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So blogging with a full time job, yep, its honestly so flipping hard. You have to want to blog, I mean really want to blog, and make it part of your life.  It is time consuming, from working out what outfits you want to shoot, to actually taking the pictures to editing, to posting on Instagram (and having some kind of mild strategy) to writing blog posts.

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My advice for anybody who wants to blog, with a full-time job, is to block out sections of time where you know you have to do something and stick to it every day/week. For example, on Instagram I always post at 7.30am and around 8.00pm every day, this is genuinely part of my daily routine and it now feels unnatural if I don’t stick to it. I also write my blog posts for the next week on a Sunday, it sets me up for the week, then I know I only have Instagram to concentrate on. Lastly (and this one’s important) you need someone who is really going to be dedicated to helping you on pretty much a daily basis to take pictures, because unfortunately it’s pretty hard without that. My fiancé (Instagram husband) is an absolute star and is so patient with me, he takes my pictures in the rain, when we are running around and do not have time for pictures in the first place, and when I he has to take about 60 photos because I am convinced my legs look fat! Don’t let any of this but you off because I love it, and I am so happy to say that I am a blogger, yes it hard but it’s absolutely worth it, so getting blogger babes <3.



Embroidered black sweater – Romwe

Vintage Levi mom jeans – ASOS Marketplace

Trainers – Vans

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