My Love For Pink Adidas and a Kick Flare

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I saw this pink Adidas t-shirt on another blogger and literally fell in love, ASOS seem to have sold out of the girls version, but I bought this from the men’s section and got a XS, which fits exactly as I wanted it to. I am seriously going to wear this with pretty much everything I own, I’m really excited to wear it with a new ruffled/tiered midi skirt I got from ASOS recently, I think the contrast between the more casual tee and dressy skirt will be perfect.

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

So jeans and I have a weird relationship…I find they can often fit so weirdly on me, due to my big bum and calves. I need stretch but hate that jegging kind of material and stretch which really stops a jean from being a jean! This means that I have a huge love for vintage mom jeans, they have extra space for my bum and the waist is often quite small, so I don’t get that gaping on the waistband. These beauts are the first pair of jeans I have bought in ages that fit perfectly, they are from Missguided and classed as a kick flare. I love a cropped jean with an ankle boot so they work perfectly for me. They stretch enough to fit over my bum (thanks genetics) but not enough to look cheap.


I bought this puffer a couple of weeks ago from Topshop as a grudge buy, I only want to buy clothes for spring right now, which is crazy as it is freezing in the UK! I have literally worn it every day since I bought it! It’s really thick and heavy so it really keeps out the cold, and even better it was on offer and only £45,so what’s not to love! My boots I bought from Topshop a while back so are unfortunately not available, but I will link a similar version below.

Grace xx

Adidas tee – ASOS

Jeans – Missguided

Topshop – Boots

Topshop – Puffer Jacket




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