My Favourite Boots for Autumn


White boots for autumn…….hell yes!!!!! These Topshop beauties are genuinely on my wishlist to buy after holiday. Although I’m not sure how happy I will be after they get their first scuff!!


I have these Topshop boots in the red and they are so flipping good. I love the ring detail on the side (anything with a ring detail this autumn and you’ve got me) and the shape of the heel. Never one to disappoint Topshop keep delivering year after year on the boot front.


Ok, there is a risk here that I would look and absolute plonker in there boots, the model looks amazing, but of course her legs are at least half the size of mine and twice as long! But I absolutely love red boots at the minute and this Zara red over the knee pair are just such a cool take on the standard black over the knee boots, we see in the stores when we have to autumn.



White ankle boots – Topshop

Black ring detail ankle boots – Topshop 

Red over the knee boots – Zara Red over the knee boots – Zara 

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