Favourite Brand – Stylenanda

garcon tee

My new brand love (that I am totally obsessed with at the minute) is a Korean brand called Stylenanda. ASOS actually stock a selection of their collection but the choice is not the best. If you buy directly from the Stylenanda style and are located in the UK (as I am) you do have to pay quite a bit in postage, but I honestly think it is so worth it. I love a slogan tee at the best of times, and this ‘garcon’ version is so cute.


If you have been reading my blog posts recently you know about my recent new obsession with wide legged jeans. They are so flattering, especially if they are really high-waisted like the pair above. I think I love Stylenanda so much because they really do seem like such a stylish brand, and everything looks so much more expensive than it actually is.


On to my absolute favourite piece on the site, this gorgeous wrap around spotty top. Yes I have a spot obsession. I also just love everything about the wrap around style, its just perfect for every body shape. The prices at Stylenanda are very affordable, this is obviously slightly counteracted by the cost of the shipping, but for pieces that look so much more expensive I think its worth it.



Garcon t-shirt – Stylenanda

Wide leg jeans – Stylenanda

Spotty wrap around dress – Stylenanda

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