Review – Milk and Blush hair extensions

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Let me first just explain to you babes, in my younger years I was an absolute avid hair extension wearer, as in wouldn’t go out of the house without them. I tried cheaper ones that I bought from market stalls, that I would spend hours and hours sowing together so they they would be thicker! I then discovered Milk and Blush, who at that time were called Dirty Looks, I honestly couldn’t believe the quality and the clever beans at Milk & Blush, had obviously felt my pain when it comes to hair extensions being too thin, meaning there are triple and quad versions available.

A couple of years ago I felt I became a little too reliant on hair extensions, barely able to go out of the house without them in, or even the gym, if anyone has ever worn clip in extensions to the gym its not fun, or necessary!! I have quite a short bob, and although I love it, girls who also have a short bob will know that there is not too much in a styling sense that you can do to it. If you fancy a different style for a night out or a special day, to change it up. So I decided to go back to Milk & Blush to try out their extensions again.

As expected man was I not disappointed, they are so flipping good, the set I am wearing above is the full head quad weft set in sweet like chocolate the hair is soft, does not tangle, styles so easily, and I know from years before that they last so long, of course as long as you take care of them (no falling asleep in them drunk girls, even a tangle teezer is going to struggle with that!!). The fact that these extensions are quad weft is insane, they sit so flat to your hair, also babes, from the picture above and my most recent Instagram posts lets just appreciate how short my natural hair is!!

Thanks for listening babes



Hair extensions – Milk & Blush

White ribbed top – ASOS

Jeans – Topshop

Earrings – sold out – similar ASOS

Necklace – Cinco Store

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