Why I’m exchanging with The Dress Change


For those of you who have been following me for while and are pretty observant, you will know that this is a previously worn outfit of mine. Previously worn and loved but never to be worn again. This is often a very common occurrence for many women, and even more common if you are a fashion blogger.  I have a wardrobe full of clothes, and when I say full of clothes I mean seriously jam packed, stressfully disorganised and messily full!

If you are an avid follower of mine you will know that I am also very passionate about selling my clothes, and never ever throw an item of clothing away. That is where I came across The Dress Change, a womenswear exchange marketplace, there are honestly so many good things about this concept. Let’s talk about sustainability, I think we are all on a mission to buy less, and The Dress Change certainly allows for that, you buy less and exchange what you have, rather than throwing things away because they never really fit, or they are not really your style, and you are not really sure why you bought them in the first place!

IMG_6570 (1)

Take any of these key items within this post, this pink wrap around top, or this faux leather black top, or these denim dungarees, all such statement pieces and all only worn once. It would be such a shame for these items not to go to another home. The Dress Change is the perfect platform for you to get the items you want for less than £10. It’s simple, you select the item or items in your wardrobe you no longer want, you describe it, submit it for approval, and when it has been approved you are ready to receive bids. You can then accept the item that you are happy to exchange for, from the bids that you receive. Next it’s time to send off your exchange and receive your new item!

The Dress Change offers one exchange a month for free, or a TDC Elite plan for the ability to exchange up to 5 items a month for only £9 each month. That’s 5 new items that you can add to your wardrobe a month for only £9! With the Elite plan you also get the opportunity to go to The Dress Change events, where you will be able to bring items to exchange on the day, and even exchange with bloggers like me!


I am always on the hunt for the perfect capsule wardrobe, that perfect vintage oversized blazer, the oversized white shirt dreams were made of, and some staple black leather ankle boots. Often it can be hard to have the wardrobe we want when we have to stick to a budget, because you know adulting and life gets in the way, but thanks to The Dress Change it allows you to do this at a very small cost.

Grace Xx

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